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13 Aug 2009
UK, Ireland / Any Irish have child with Polish partners? [44]

Hi Trevorisimo,

the child is half Irish/half Polish, make sure they celebrate and accept both sides. I'm portuguese and have 2 children in UK to english mother. They themselves identify as half portuguese and proud of it. My only regret is not teaching them portuguese from an earlier age, but they have a thirst for it themselves. With a polish mother I expect that won't be the case. I don't use my language unless I go back, whilst polish is much more widely used here (more people, friends etc). The link between mother/baby is stronger and I expect she already speaks in polish to the baby. Children can learn languages very easily, exposure to the language is half the battle.
5 Aug 2009
News / Poland to ban Che Guevara image [55]


Che tends to be seen as a liberator, people tend to ignore the facts that come with that and that there is always two sides to each story. Usually by students and young people that think they are clever and know better... (I'm getting old)

Communism is lovely idea on paper, unfortunately it does not work with people, as said before people aren't all the same. So you oppress people to be the same by a minority, and you start having the equivalent of a fascist regime.

Left and right wing parties aren't on a line, is more like a circle, the more extreme left and right parties are basically the same.
5 Aug 2009
News / Poland among the greatest enemies of Russia [112]

I'm not in favour of free movement of labour with Russia. Significant part of Russian citizens consist from people civilizationally alien to us. They would have serious problems with assimilation living most likely in ethnic ghettoes. Reasonable immigration policy must contain some degree of discrimination in such cases.

This is what Western Europe people were saying when Central Europe joined the EC! But it wasn't so bad... Although I agree Russia is a bit different.