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23 Aug 2009
Real Estate / Polish Mortgage for a Foreigner [16]

I'd gladly pay the 2% if I could get a loan getting blood out of a stone at the minute. I might try the Irish dude ( although he doesn't sound too Irish ?)
24 Jul 2009
Life / Is there an English shop in warsaw ? [17]

is there an english shop in / around warsaw

Even better , there's an Irish shop... . It's run by Artur who was formerly the chef for the Irish ambo. , sells pretty decent stuff.

( Artur might give me some free sausages for the plug ..)
24 Jul 2009
Travel / Aer Lingus LGW to WAW [5]

aer lingus schedules into Poland are sh**e & why they are servicing Gatwick when there is obvious demand into Dublin & Cork is beyond me.

gone bust & the big daddy "Lot" is soon to follow.