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8 Mar 2008
Genealogy / CYCAK family [8]

I have received my Gr-Uncles' birth certificates from the USC Registry Office in Orly. The stamp duty was 22 zl each; then I had to pay $132. USD to the Polish Embassy in Washington, DC, to get their certificates, plus my Gr-Grandmother's death certificate. Her record listed her parents. Now to continue searching for my Gr-Grandfather's vital records, and my Grandfather's birth/baptism certificates.[b][/b]
27 Apr 2007
Genealogy / CYCAK family [8]

Hi, jcsm:

I have my grandfather's Canadian death certificate and National Registration; also my grand uncle's Canadian naturalization records which show his birth date (1895) and place of birth (Walawa). These show when he immigrated to Canada, and which ship he came on. I have contacted the USC in Walawa and a woman who is related to me by marriage. We have found all the information we can there, so now I have engaged a Polish researcher from Warsaw who is going to the state archives in Przemysl in May to check their records further. My grandfather had another brother who is buried in Walawa; their mother is buried in the same cemetery.
27 Apr 2007
Life / What makes you proud to be Polish? [150]

When my Canadian-American father says he wishes he knew Polish, and he talks about the great Polish contributions to the world and to the United States...I am proud that his parents were Polish!

Finding my Polish roots so I can understand where I came from and what made my grandparents do what they did and how they lived, particularly my Catholic heritage.
2 Mar 2007
Genealogy / CYCAK family [8]

I am researching CYCAK family history in southeastern Poland - Podkarpackie province.

Marcin CYCAK & Maria (Samborczyk, Samboryk, or Sombarek) CYCAK; b. ca. 1865, were my Gr-Grandparents, perhaps from Manasterz.

Michal CYCAK, b. June 24, 1886 was my Grandfather; he emigrated to USA & Canada

Andrzej CYCAK, b. 1890 was my Gr-Uncle; he died in Walawa

Mikolaj CYCAK, b. Dec. 18, 1895 in Walawa, was my Gr-Uncle; he emigrated to Canada

Michal & Mikolaj changed their surnames to SYZEK on entering North America.

I am seeking all available vital records
births, baptisms, marriages, deaths from civil registry and Roman Catholic parish offices in Walawa, Orly, Manasterz, and Wiazownica.

Most CYCAKs were from southeastern Poland; many had Myczkowce as their last known residence. From there they emigrated to the USA through NYC, and on mostly to western Pennsylvania (others to New York, New Jersey, Indiana, and Canada).

1 Mar 2007
USA, Canada / Polish Canadians [117]

Yes, According to the 2001 Canadian Census. Poles by mother tongue numbered 208,375, while Ukrainians numbered 148,085.