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26 Jun 2009
Travel / Travelling to Poland (mostly Szczecin area) in a week! Tips and attractions? [10]

Wildrover that military museum sounds awesome. I will definitely be on the lookout for that!

I know the castle in Szczecin - my girlfriend used to live across the road from it when she was little (so we'll be definitely visiting that too)

Hey Dancingmartha - I found it quite hard to find much travel information on the web about Szczecin or anything in its region (but to be fair I wasn't googling in Polish). Most websites seem to entirely focus on Krakov or Warszava (sif thats the only place in all of Poland). I did, however, come across the wikitravel site for Szczecin

-> (polishforums won't let me post a hyperlink because i'm too new)
Pretty good information

4 minutes for hair and teeth?! Wow - you guys are living in luxury over there ;P
24 Jun 2009
Life / Thunderstorms in Poland [44]

I am coming to Poland for a holiday in about a week's time. I was hoping to do it in Winter to see the grey couldy skies, and snow (I live in West Australia, and I happen to be tired of blue skies and sunny days), but now, hearing about these furious thunderstorms, I'm pretty excited for that!

I'm going to be staying mostly in Szczecin; being close to the ocean, could I expect milder, or stronger, storms?
24 Jun 2009
Travel / Travelling to Poland (mostly Szczecin area) in a week! Tips and attractions? [10]

Hi guys! First post on the boards!

My girlfriend, her parents, and I, are coming to Europe in about a week to go visit the rest of her family. We'll be doing a little touring around germany, switzerland and austria, but a large amount of the trip will be spent in Szczecin where she grew up. I've been living in Perth Australia, and this will be my first trip to a non-english speaking country. I've been doing my best to learn some Polish, so I have a real rough basic understanding on the language :D

I'm looking for some tips or suggestions on what to do whilst in Szczecin and the surrounding regions (although we won't have a car, I'm not opposed to taking public transport, even for longer journeys).

I'm really mostly interested in seeing historical (especially medieval) stuff like castles and old armor/weapons - but I'm also looking forwards to visiting any national parks and gardens that are around the place (I live in Australia - i'm very excited at the prospect of green leaves and actual rivers/lakes, and in summer to boot!* :P)

I know theres meant to be a whole bunch of Viking/medieval type stuff up North, in Wolin - how hard is it to get there via public transport, and how long would you think it'd take to get there?

Outside of history/nature, I've read about a few jazz bars/lounges in the area, and that sounds alright, but in general I'm not much of a club/bar type person (though I do like to drink, and read about some Starka distillery in the area that runs tours. That sounds fun)

Any advice would be much appreciated!

*Ooh and mountains. We don't get many of those round my part of the world