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14 Jun 2009
Love / Polish girls attitude - what should I know about the behaviour of Polish girls? [30]

In my humble opinion I think the problem (if any at all) is that Portuguese and Polish don't know much about each others culture and life style, nor they have any common background (apart from football matches and the Great Smolarek in 1986 - for those who are old enough to remember!).

I tell you one thing though, so far from all the Polish girls/women I've met are quite friendly and have pretty similar interests and qualities to Portuguese ones. It might seem a bold sentence but hey... maybe I've been lucky so far with the people I've met.

Give yourselves time to know each other and I'm sure soon enough you'll forget about the nationality issue.



You can certainly find that in any country (the mindgames and cheating!) however regarding beauty... coff coff... let's call it a draw for today ;-)

Boa sorte! (Powodzenia!)