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23 May 2009
Love / Is sex with Polish guys different to sex with English guys? [173]

Not really interesting, or subjective, since the data is rather limited to a group of women who are quite obsessed with Polish men.

Maybe you didn't get the joke I was making? This thread is rather silly? For me I would never seriously think of comparing one man to another, simply because the dynamics of each relationship are so different, down to every little detail...of course there the rudimentaries what a woman expects within the confines of a relationship, but each woman sets her own boundaries!
23 May 2009
Life / Polish men in shorts with sandals and socks.. [63]

You don't need to be so severe!!! socks and sandals are ridiculous tough...Actually I've never seen a polish guy dressed like that, most them I know dress pretty good...They have good stile

okay lets break your post down:

1. Yes I can be severe because crimes against fashions should be punished!
2. It's not rediculous, it's unforgivable!
3. Actually in Poland they DO wear long socks with training shoes, and they don't dress any where near to "pretty well" in fact they are FAR from "pretty well"

4. The Italians know what style is, Polish men alas have no idea, in fact, they are a million miles away from the letter S and no where near E.

don't think socks n sandals wouldn't ever turn on a girl

You have a lot to learn about men! Re-read what I wrote!

Unless she got off on humiliating the guy.

If I have to dress up, why shouldn't you? ;0) It's not about humiliation, its about fun!
23 May 2009
Life / Polish men in shorts with sandals and socks.. [63]

Even if your girlfriend said it turned her on?...

Lets face it most men will do anything if they think it's construed as being even slightly kinky in the bedroom!
23 May 2009
Life / Polish men in shorts with sandals and socks.. [63]

Men who wear socks with sandals should be lined up against a wall and shot along with men / boys who wear St Trinians looking long socks with trainers!


Niche market sweety, spread the word...let them know that looking like an English public school girl isn't cool!
23 May 2009
Life / Women in Poland dyeing hair red [30]

I remember years ago a friend of mine dying her hair red - it was supposed be a lovely shade, only problem was it had amnonia in it and it stipped her hair and lightened it, she ended up looking like an arangatang - had to drive to tesco at 11pm and buy a dark brown dye to cover it! obviously when I had stopped laughing enough to be able to drive safely!