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15 Jun 2009
Law / Long term visa vs. residence permit [7]

I am planning on moving to Warsaw in a few months. I hope to get a job soon after arriving. I already have a perminent place to stay (w/ Polish boyfriend). I'm confused about the process of getting permits to stay in the country longer than my 90 days free. Should I apply while I'm in the US or can I do it in Poland? I could be staying any time between 1 year and the rest of my life :) Help me please!
16 May 2009
Life / Women in Poland dyeing hair red [30]

I know that my Polish boyfriend and his Polish father both love red heads. /shrug. I'm blonde, thanks to my Swedish side of the family. Did red once...but didn't have as much fun! LOL.
16 May 2009
Life / Is drinking water in Poland good? [96]

I watched an episode by Penn and Teller called "Bullsh*t". They tested expensive bottled water and water from a garden hose on restaurant patrons. They all picked the hose water :)

Naturally you get sick from local water when you travel. If you're not going to be there long, bottled water is a safe bet. But if you are staying long term, your're gonna have to get used to the local "bugs" sooner or later. I've seen test kits for heavy metals, but if it comes out of the tap, it shouldn't kill you. Just ill for a couple of days :)
16 May 2009
Life / Culture Shock Since Moving to Poland - Anybody Dealt With This Before? [52]

When he describes the lifestyle there, it is very appealing to me. It's not better than American lifestyle, just different. More mindful of others and taking care of yourself physically. But I'm sure he is only going to tell me most of the good stuff! LOL. I'm the type of personality that goes with the flow, but the idea of settling down has been in my head for a while. Maybe I'm affraid of taking the last "hurra" before marriage and having kids. Must be the Libra trait, always needing balance. What kind of activities can I expect in Warsaw for the average mid-twenties youth? Is the language barrier very deep?
15 May 2009
Life / Culture Shock Since Moving to Poland - Anybody Dealt With This Before? [52]

I would assume culture shock even after moving to a different state in the US. I moved from Oregon to Alaska (and back again) and the transition was rough at first.

Now, my boyfriend of almost 2 years (born in Poland, raised in S. California) has moved back to Poland for school. He speaks the language, 98% of his family lives there and he owns an appartment in Warsaw. So you could say he is already established. He wants me to come be with him as soon as he gets the place ready for me, but I'm scared! I never felt this way when I moved out of state. Alaskan weather sounds worse in comparison to Poland and everything about EU lifestyle is exactly how I want to live. I don't speak a lick of Polish, but I want to learn so badly so I can talk to him in his native tongue. Everyone I talk to says it's the chance of a lifetime. I have never traveled to Europe before, only Canada and Mexico, but I do love to explore new places and meet new people. Is there any advise anyone can give me to not feel so hesitant? What are some things I can look forward to like customs, getting around, grocery shopping and things to do for a 25 year old :) I will expect culture shock, but I'm sure my boyfriend can snap me out of it quick!