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27 May 2009
UK, Ireland / Driving a Polish car in the UK [3]


Has anyone here any experience of driving a Polish registered car in the UK?

I'm actually a Brit, but buying a car in Poland this weekend to take back to the UK (it is being used in a rally... long story).

Does anyone have any experience of this? Is it straight forward? How about going through customs at Dover? What are they like?

12 May 2009
Law / Insuring a UK Citizen on a Polish registered car... [18]

My team mate (who lives in Krakow) says there is a rally every year from Krakow to Mongolia in nothing but 126s! So it must be possible!!! (OK so we're adding an extra 1000 miles of good roads because we're coming from the UK)
9 May 2009
Law / Insuring a UK Citizen on a Polish registered car... [18]

Thanks Delphiandomine. We have already researched this aspect to some degree and believe it is completely legal. My friend has already done the same for a Frenchman who wanted to own a Polish car and has checked with the Polish VLA to make sure that we can do it on this occasion and they seemed to think it was OK.

My only concern at the moment is whether Polish insurance on the vehicle would cover it in the UK where our insurance rules are slightly different.
9 May 2009
Law / Insuring a UK Citizen on a Polish registered car... [18]

Wildrover - I'd love that. I'm putting a website together - I'm afraid it is a little out of date - please excuse me. The Fiat 126 challenge is a new addition. I'll be adding lots over this weekend!

Anyway, go take a look and let me know if you're anywhere on route and we'll try and stop by. We may be able to make a little detour if you don't fit on it exactly.
8 May 2009
Law / Insuring a UK Citizen on a Polish registered car... [18] it possible?

This situation is quite complex, so any insight from anyone would be much appreciated.

I have accepted a completely daft challenge to drive a Fiat 126 from the UK to Mongolia this summer. Unfortunately, if that wasn't ridiculous enough, the Mongolian government is now slapping huge import taxes on cars coming into the country over 10 years old, so the plan is to take a year 2000 Polski Fiat 126.

In order to own this car with it still being registered in Poland (registering it in the UK - a legal necessity - would cost me a small fortune in modifications and tests) I am co-owning the car with a Polish friend. However, the UK insurance companies seem completely perplexed by this. Not only do they have no idea this car exists, they also seem very uncomfortable quoting me for a non-UK registered vehicle.

Does anybody have any idea if a Polish insurance company will insure me to drive this vehicle in Europe (outside Europe becomes a different matter entirely)? Or would they refuse insure a non-Pol outside of Poland?

Many thanks in advance.