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28 Apr 2009
Love / Age difference in our relationship. I'm 41, my girlfriend is 27. Common in Polska? [57]

Marc now that she has gone serious on you are having second thoughts!!! You seem to be comfortable in your single shoes and is this why at 41 you have not settled? Follow your heart as once you experience the family values and lifestyle in Poland you will not regret it .

There is an awful wrong misconception about Polish girls being "after your money" . This is Untrue.There is however an old common Communist heritage in a big proportion of the polish girls in that they tend to perceive you as the breadwinner and they will be happy to maintain the home and bear your child and COOK!!!!!! Having been married for a good 20 years to an independent high flying Wester girl you can imagine how I crave for such great Eastern promise!!! Go for it Marc boy