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17 Jun 2007
News / Censorship in Polish school programs [12]

do you heard about forbidden authors in polish school programms? What you think about that?

Last week Roman Giertych, the Education Minister, announced that numerous classics of world literature (yes, m'lud, they are studied in schools in various countries) would be dumped in favour of well-approved, morally sound and, above all, Catholic writers.

Thus "the works of Goethe, Dostoyevsky, Kafka and the Polish-born Josef Conrad were to be dumped in favor of nationalist or Catholic authors like Henryk Sienkiewicz and the late Pope John Paul II. The aim was to instill patriotism in Polish youngsters."

1 May 2007
Language / Five Commandments for Polish Language Learners [36]

Speak Polish! A successful conversation is a great satisfaction!

That's the great suggestion but how I can do it if I know nobody from Poland and I live not in Poland.
15 Mar 2007
Travel / tips for travel through Poland [14]

hichhiking is probably not the best idea for a woman anywhere in the world

Mirada, why you have decided that I am woman? :)
12 Mar 2007
Travel / tips for travel through Poland [14]

Well, I thik I'll havn't problems with the cars, I plan to travel by train, bus etc. And what about hitchhiking?
9 Mar 2007
Travel / tips for travel through Poland [14]

I would to travel in / through / across / around Polad in this summer. I want to improve my polish language and to know this country. Do you have some tips?
8 Mar 2007
Language / Wanna converse with Polish people [30]

On pharase base you can practice Polish, get answers to your question etc. I have learned Polish on this site.
20 Feb 2007
Life / Polish writers and poets - what is worth reading? [20]

I have read just those, who are traslated into Lithuanian - Milosz, Szymborska, Herbert, Rozewic. They are wonderful! Now I started to learn Polish that I would read them and others in source language.