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7 Feb 2009
UK, Ireland / What do Polish people think of Ireland and the Irish? [50]

I work with a lot of Poles in a part time job that i do. I've known them for quite a while now and although i get on very well with them i sometimes feel that they hold back and are not always willing to fit in. For instance i sometimes find that i could be working on a shift with lets say 4 of them and me. On nights like this, i am left out of the loop because they always converse in their native language. It can be a little bit annoying. One thing i will say about the Poles is that they're savage workers. These people sometimes work 60 hour weeks for the minimum wage. I have great respect for them ...i really do. Recently i've started to teach myself their lingo and in fairness to each and every one of them, they'll always stop what they're doing if i ask them to explain stuff to me.