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Baltic Paul   
30 May 2009
Language / The Dative Case [62]

At the moment, Gumishu, I am using the oversimplified method of:
Verb + się = Instru/biernik
Negated by 'nie' or negative emotion 'bać się' = Gen/dopeł

Most other = Acc/Narz

Any other rules I should try to use????
Baltic Paul   
30 May 2009
Language / Dual language books..SUGGESTIONS? [10]

I am interested in looking a little more deeply into how cases work.

"Codziennie jadę do miasta samochódem" (samochód)
Daily I go to town bycar.

The above sentence is my first real understanding of the purpose and structure of using cases.
I just want to try and read more so any suggestions on where I can find fairly simple Polish will be great.
Baltic Paul   
30 May 2009
Language / Dual language books..SUGGESTIONS? [10]

I have seen a few books that have one page of English and the facing page in Polish.
It seems like it could be a good way of starting to understand the way the Polish language works.
The books I have seen are quite advanced and I require something more basic.

If anyone could suggest a title or a place to start looking for such a book I would be very grateful.
Baltic Paul   
30 May 2009
Language / The Dative Case [62]

"Szukać governs the genitive case"

Can you expand on this.
The idea of certain verbs having a specific case governance.
Baltic Paul   
26 May 2009
Language / The Dative Case [62]

Merged:Which Case..'OWAĆ' verbs?

I have a list of 'OWAĆ' verbs which I must place in sentences.

Example KUPOWAĆ.
Chcę kupować biała koszula
(I want to buy a white shirt)
I suspect it would be:
Chcę kupować białą koszulę (accusative)

If anyone could help me understand which cases are used for basic sentences I would be eternally grateful.
Baltic Paul   
14 May 2009
Language / The verb "Piec" to bake [12]

What I mean is.....
Some verbs change like....
Rozumiem, Rozumiesz, Rozumie......
Mowię, Mowisz, Mowi.......

Then you have the unusual
Jestem, Jesteś, Jest.....

(Once we get to the plurals they all seem to keep the same pattern).

With PIEĆ I only had the infinitive and the first two forms (Ja, Ty) and I had no idea how the 3rd person singular (On, Ona, Ono) would form.

I assume there is a formula that I don't know.
Baltic Paul   
14 May 2009
Life / Wonderful Poland.......but the attitude of Polish people [150]

There is still racism in Britain. Often it is Pakistani's hating Indians or Bangladeshi's. Nigerians feuding against West Indians. Or the stereotypical White British authority figure (Police officer?) showing prejudice against a minority.

It's a lot more complex than White v Black.

Give Poland a few more years to adjust.
Baltic Paul   
14 May 2009
Language / The verb "Piec" to bake [12]

I know.
I wanted to know if there were other verbs that conjugated in a similar way to PIEC.
Baltic Paul   
13 May 2009
Language / The verb "Piec" to bake [12]

Ja = Piekę
Ty = Pieczesz
On/Ona/Ono = ?
My = ?
Wy =?
Oni/One =?

All help appreciated.

Are there similar verbs to this?
Baltic Paul   
13 May 2009
Language / Example sentences for different cases. [42]

In this example,
"Basia nie lubi nosić.........(krótka spódnica)"
Do the bracketed words remain nominative, turn genitive (due to the negation) or something altogether different?

I have been away for over three months and I feel as though I've forgotten every word of Polish I ever learned!!!