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Ania Miller   
8 Feb 2009
Food / Favorite Pierogi? [56]

Those are my favorite as well along with the summer pierogies stuffed with fruit and served with sour cream and sugar.
Ania Miller   
28 Jan 2009
Real Estate / Real Estate hits a new low in Poland [86]

That is not the way I run my business. My number one priority is to inform my Client of the choices that are available to them and guide them with their discision.
ania miller   
18 Jan 2009
Real Estate / Real Estate hits a new low in Poland [86]

From what I have read, the Real Estate in Poland is close what we are experiencing here in the USA. It definately is a Buyers market and with interest rates at their all time low, one should consider this as the "perfect times" to buy.

There are "pockets" all over where Real Property has accutally appreciated. My job as a Realtor is to provide my Clients with statistics and truth abouth todays market.