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2 Jan 2009
Work / Non Polish nationals living in Poland - What do you do for a living? [23]

hi mark. would you be able to give me at least three reliable recruitment agencies in gdansk, if ever? otherwise, it's alright. also, based on statistics, would you know how much time it actually takes before a non-EEA could find a job in poland (that is, average in terms of months for a person who has been using English as a joint first language)? thanks ever so much! happy new year! =)

I run a recruitment agency in Krakow. I've got many friends and colleagues doing various jobs out here who can't speak Polish.

2 Jan 2009
Polonia / Polish visa for an Algerian [4]

if you are a student in the uk, you shouldnt have any difficulties with regard to the invitation. they asked for an official invitation to support my docs but they gave me my visa anyway. the technique is, provide as much supporting documents as you can. all the best :)