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6 Mar 2009
Food / Honey Vodka drink suggestions [11]

I brought a bottle of Krupnik back to th UK for a couple of mates to 'enjoy'. Well after we'd had 7 tins of stella each followed by whisky and nearly the whole bottle of Krupnik, we were on our arses.. It was the Krupnik I tell ya.

Just noticed how old this thread is. Regardless, Beware the Krupknik.
6 Mar 2009
Love / Polish girls' obsession with marriage [124]

I don't think it's necessarily just Polish girls... I think it is any girl from a religious background. They all have the romantic dream of meeting the perfect someone and settling down to have 100 children and a beautiful house (near the family). I think it can happen but is more of a rarity amongst the young. I know male friends of mine only a couple of years older than me who have settled down with a women in their early 20's and are now living to regret it. Their wives let themselves go (beauty is still very important to a man in his 20's, he doesn't want a fat wife!) and they miss the whole playing the field... Of course I'm generalising but i've seen it happen twice to close friends. So I think it's best not to get caught up whilst you are young with any woman who is pressurising you into marriage. I think I will look for a wife when I'm about 40 but who's to say I won't have grown up before then?! maybe...
6 Mar 2009
Work / New English 'teacher' in Poland (I have no qualifications). [119]

The last I knew British schools had mostly dropped any mention of grammar for students.

I'm 23. When I was at school we were threatened with grammar as punishment for either not doing homework or being bad in the class. All through school and my first(and only) year of uni I was constantly told I had bad grammar and that my essays would be B's if my grammar was better. But as I didn't care much for school I never took the initiative to teach myself. Pathetic that we don't learn grammar at our schools.

My grammar improved after taking a 40 hour online tefl course and getting in the classroom and reading the grammar boxes in my teenage students textbooks!!! LOL
24 Feb 2009
Food / What is your favourite Polish meal?! [64]

Mine has to be fried Oscypek with the jam on top. Whenever I'm in a Polskie or Chlopskie Jadlo restaurant I always have it. It is superb!