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4 Jan 2009
Life / Beware When Buying a Computer in Poland [28]

What about...the shop is just absorbing the cost...

Like an airliner that did not put price rise...when the uk government included a new Tax...

Maybe the computer without Windows xp was £1000 but with xp it is now stil £1000 because they don't want the customer to go without XP...But I dunno...
29 Nov 2008
Life / What to wear for winter in Poland [51]

I think a cool thing to do is people post their pics of the winter wear hats coats and gloves :)....Even if in England :)
On the Whats in...You see that's what I dont like about England...Everyone is snobby...Like "Oh you're not wearing what is hot in magazines" Why do people do that...I do like people wearing what they want...But then that is what you want and not this annoying fashion thing I see...Actually it is funny because All I see in england is the same Jacket 100x...and the irony that is fashion :P

Don't get me wrong...if the person is a friendly person who likes others who are wearing "non-fashion" clothes then I dont mind so please don't think I am being horrible to you...I'm not :)
22 Nov 2008

Why can't the English speak Polish?

Exactly...mareck are you english? what annoyes me is why do english people move to france and work there and can't speak a word of french...and french is the 2nd language...

I think polish people speak enough english for me...the qustion is: how good polish can I speak...Well I am trying but I need help
22 Nov 2008
UK, Ireland / Working as an au-pair in UK and leaving the host family. Is it legal? [60]

fucc you, you are like one of these who have heads up their arses (my host family lol) I want to be an au pair only to improve my English. I don't work full time so I don't have to pay taxes, after a few months I'm going back to Poland, don't be afraid I am not about to stay in YOUR country. Geez get over it mkay. Polish were more of a fun and laid back people.

Hey, I agree with you...Don't worry about what other people think...I want to live in poland too...and I'm from England LOL...I think you will be fine...I had agency work before and I left jobs...(office jobs) even if I have to give 2 weeks notice sometimes you want to leave straight away...PM me if you want help with english as I want help with polish :D
17 Nov 2008
News / Dealing with constant insults against Polish [323]

Good luck in the future

If it's any consolation I am from England and when I go to america (Florida) I get called names...Dec 06, a black guy calling me a "white fag (gay)" and All I was doing was walking down the street...and another time within that 3 weeks, a white guy in a car shouting "gay" there are alot of idiots and also smart idiots too like ignorant people i suppose you'd call it...In England it happens less but I think alot of people are rude to their own nations...

It's only the smart, caring, non ignorant people that matter I think :)
15 Nov 2008
News / Poland has the highest shopping IQ [46]

Ohh yeaaahhhhh? You just say that 'cause UK barely made it to top 10!

We win and YOU loose! nananananana ;)

I agree with you...I am from England and English and HATE it! in England...people are rude...they give you no smile in the street...this happens all the time...

When I took a few trips to france, geneva my whole opinion was so much better...In europe I felt people are nicer in europe...And poland because of when I did a temping job with about 30 polish and 2 english managers...I absolutly loved it...

People there do not pre-judge you...

OK Not everyone in the UK is always get a Gem/Ruby among the rubble...I think the best people in uk are found shopping online...and the ignorant people of uk are too ignorant to use the internet :)