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3 May 2009
Language / Polish for look and see [13]

Does the Polish language distinguish between verbs of the senses such as look/see, touch/feel and listen/hear?

Thanks :-)
15 Dec 2008
Language / English words of Polish origin [19]

I need 5 or 6 English words of Polish origin. The only one I've been given so far is gherkin. I don't speak more than a tiny bit of Polish so have no idea if even this is correct.

They need to be words originally specific to the Polish language (or words established in Polish before English). I'm sure there must be some.

Can anyone help? Thanks :-)
13 Nov 2008
Language / Telephone numbers in Polish - what pronunciation? [3]

Could someone please tell me the usual form for saying telephone numbers in Polish?

That is, is each digit said in isolation, as we do in English (eg 617345...six-one-seven-three-four-five).. or is the 'paired' form used? (eg sixty one - seventy three -forty five).

I'm a teacher of English as a second language. Sorry, Polish is not one of my languages so please answer in English.

Dziękuję! (I'm trying..!)
13 Nov 2008
Language / Polish website for learning English? [9]

Thanks Vincent, I've come across this site before for other languages...some useful stuf but a lot of the vocab, even on the 'easy' tests is a bit beyond my beginners. Didn't know it was available in Polish though, so thanks, I will refer some of my more able students to it

12 Nov 2008
Language / Polish website for learning English? [9]

Some of my students have asked if I know of a good Polish website (free) for learning English. There are some excellent free sites in English for learning English, but as Polish is not one of my languages I can't really advise. If their English was a little better, I'd recommend they use a site that was all in English, but they are beginners (living in the UK) and I think some independent online English practise with Polish guidance could be just the thing to help them catch up with the rest of the class.

Anyone help?