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3 Nov 2009
Work / I'm 19, born in Poland, raised in the U.S. Moving to Poland..or not? [25]

If you're going to Poland because you like their clubs... you might be better off just going there for vacation... enjoy the family, friends, food, music, girls, and people for a while, a month or so, and then return to reality, back to work, study well so you can save up and go back again soon.
3 Nov 2009
Life / Why is Polka music played in Poland so much different than in the USA? [36]

almost all of the "traditional Polish American festivals" in the U.S, at least here on the East Coast are very OUT DATED. Nothing has changed in these festivals since the time they were created, (50 yrs ago?) Although they are nice gatherings and have delicious food, the overwhelming majority are Polish Americans, and not Polish immigrants, and thus most of the stuff, for example the out dated Polka music, the cheesy souveniers etc etc are there because Polish Americans like? or think thats what Polish is. In reality, Poland is just like any other European nation, with hip new music. Thats why I also think many Polish American Festivals need a slight face-lift.