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Great Pole   
29 Jan 2008
News / Poland to Change the National Anthem? [22]

If Poland changed the National Anthem it would must be "Rota"

This the only one alternative!

But I don't want the current Anthem to be changed. "Mazurek Dabrowskiego" is fast and enthusiastic. It makes Polish people ready to fight! Besides this anthem became a part of our culture.
Great Pole   
24 Jan 2008
Work / legal work for Ukrainians Russians and Belorussians in Poland [15]

I have nothing against...We really need some workers in agriculture and building. Ukrainians are cheap force but it's not important. Why? Because in Poland we got jobs and money for some projects but there's a lack of workers.
Great Pole   
15 Jan 2007
USA, Canada / American attitude towards Poland [89]

Hey. I'm from Poland and I'm curious how Americans consider Poland and Poles. Would I be discriminated because of my nationality If I lived in USA? Something I can say about my country is that we really like America and it's still the "Promised land" for many of us. We have bigger admiration to USA than to Western Europe.