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7 Sep 2009
Love / Do Anglo-Polish relationships actually work long term ? [13]

Happy for you! My relationship with British guy didn't last for long. His parents and himself had a really weird idea about Poland and my culture. Pity, as I really love the guy he is a love of my life. I wish he loved me in the way you love you GF, she is really lucky! Good luck
17 Sep 2008
Law / Coal Alternatives in Poland: The new electricity market [21]

polish gminas have been offering quite good grands for solar heating and panels recently. it just depends on the region, so you would have to find out. i think there will be more problems with the wind turbine, its not so easy to connect it to the grid and all those stupid polish regulations generally are not in a favour of wind power because it is not economical, you have to put more money in than is worth.