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8 Aug 2008

May 23, 07, 05:21 #50

black men like to please and i certainly love to leave a woman exhausted and gasping for breath....there is nothing beeter in life than to satisfy a lady and to give her everything she wants .....and more!!!!!!


hehe, u made me smile coz i know what u r saying man:)

I would hate to generalize, but from my friends` and my experience I can say that polish girls love blk guys coz they are cudly,always relaxed and confident at the same time.

Sex with a black guy is passionate and relaxing while with sum white guy is like going through camasutra manual ( the more positions we manage to do-the better, plus all those attempts to find the G spot)

White men seem to forget that a girl is a human being, not a machine with buttons that u gotta press to have a desired effect

blk guys make girls feel desired, happy which is more important that being technically perfect.
As I said I don`t want to generalize , coze I am pretty sure there are some bad blk lovers and great white ones, but in short the main difference observed is like:

passionate sex vs. sex techniques
8 Aug 2008
Love / My polish g/f can be a nightmare,is it always like this [262]

that is so true! Those who respect themselves will be respected

Most of the polish girls like it if a man behaves like a real man not like a '*****' .
trying to please her and being apologetic all the time is neither manly nor sexy.
if u continue to behave like that u`ll probably not get much respect.
The famous sayng goes: "A strong woman needs a strong man"
There is loads of sucessful and ambitious women, and what they all have in common is that under the hard shell they present to the world, there is a weak, nice girl, who needs sum support of a real man. Unfortunately too many guys get scared of that first appearance and either give up or become dogs, who do whatever a strong woman says.

your girlfriend sounds like one of those ambitious women
Give her support (but be confident, behave like a partner, not like a beaten dog)
get interested in whatever she is doing (courses-u mentioned) and try to put yourself in her shoes- if you understand why she is stressed, u may want to help her to relax (a nice massage, a nice stroll in the park etc.) but be confident in everything u do.

If it is not like you- get a new girfriend:)

All the best and Gd Luck mate!:)
8 Aug 2008
UK, Ireland / 2 years in London, maybe it's time to go back to Poland? [60]

"Returning home after years away can be a massive anti-climax, so do not use selective memories of your home town/country to build a perfect place that never really existed.

Try to remember some of the things you hated about it "

you are absolutely right. no place is ideal, even home land. I live in UK and whenever I am here, in UK, I miss Polish food,polish hospitality,my doctor specialists (who were just a call away) but when I go home I miss british freedom (i mean tolerance for everything), smiling faces (even if something goes wrong) etc. Those who think life in their home country would be perfect if they get back now are in for a disappointment.