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18 Nov 2009
UK, Ireland / Any Irish have child with Polish partners? [44]

A Polish school in Ireland is insane, they should be made to integrate.

Are all Welsh guys so opposite to some extra education?

Irish schools are not secular. The influence of church is everywhere. Polish education system is secular which makes it better.
21 Jun 2009
Life / What's the weather like in Poland? [81]

But summer can reach up to +40 degrees sometimes. So the difference between the lowest and highest temperature of the year is 65 degrees Celsius.
18 Jun 2009
News / Libertas - what chances does the new party have in Poland? In Europe? [23]


Those very few who don't mostly oppose the EU in general and are considered to be enemies by the rest. There is no debate, there is no democracy.

No democracy?

All MEPs comes from democratic elections. Every region can chose its own MEP to represent their interest. You should respect will of the people even though you disagree with the result. The public sent them there. I disagree with the fact that socialists and conservatives are in power again while liberals are far away, but I respect that that.

The fact that you disagree with the results of the debates doesn't mean that there's no democracy there. Also the fact that Parliament cooperates with the Commission is a good thing in my opinion. The last thing we need there are argues and speculations against one another.

I want to destroy only overwhelming bureaucracy and bring back the EU to original version. I think about something like free trade and free travel zone. You could also claim that I want to destroy Poland because I oppose to appetite of central government as well.

The original EU is not a free trade and free travel zone. It's free trade but ONLY in the coal sector and visa requirement. Well, you have a right to have any kind of Europe you want to see.

You could also claim that I want to destroy Poland because I oppose to appetite of central government as well.

Well, if I'd see Polish flag with swastika on your avatar, or the white eagle and communist symbols on his chest, the last thing I would say is that you're friend of Poland.. Don't be surprised that people seeing you embarrassing European symbols see the man who hates.

Lisbon Treaty itself wont do that but general tendencies, I mean vocal support for abortion among eurocrats and extension of EU competences, lead me to conclusion that this might be just one treaty or regulation away.

I'm always wondering, how people can oppose something they don't know.

The Lisbon Treaty clearly says that matters such as same-sex marriages or abortion can be regulated ONLY by national governments, not Brussels..

It is not army but definitely move in this direction.

The Treaty foresees that member states can make available civilian and military resources to the Union for the implementation of its Common Security and Defence operations.

Another "but what if.." kind of argument.

Common Security and Defence term in Lisbon Treaty means a catastrophe caused by nature or human. Example:
- help after earthquakes, floods etc (those are catastrophes caused by nature)
- nuclear power plant breakdown, mass scale natural contamination (those are caused by a human)

I believe military aggression from outside can be also attached to "catastrophes caused by human" folder, but I it will ever happen.

The number of Commissioners will be reduced from 27 to 18, so you can expect that the smallest states wont be awarded. In case of Ireland this is very possible. You would be really optimistic to think that such small states manage to have commissioner permanently.

Personally I don't care whether Poland have its own commissioner. I would even find this very funny if Poland would not be let to chose one commissioner.

First of all, what difference does it make where the commissioners come from? They don't work for their governments, they don't work for interest of their country, but they work for Europe. It doesn't mean that if some Pole would become agricultural commissioner then Polish farmers would achieve more money than others.. They just do their job there.

In the Irish case, yes they would lose the commissioner after Lisbon Treaty (not for forever tho), but without Lisbon Treaty they would lose commissioner even quicker.

In my private opinion the whole commissioner system is sick. I believe that every party should nominate their own commissioners and after that run in the elections to let the people decide. National governments should have no interest in that.

- They claim that Lisbon Treaty will make the EU stronger and able to compete with other empires (China, the US, Russia). While inside of the treaty we can find totally socialist Charter of Fundamental Rights.

What is so socialistic there? The chapter about my rights to vote or my freedom of religion? Can you explain that for me?

- They say that they oppose death penalty but Treaty of Lisbon re-establish death penalty in case of "war, riots, upheaval". This is pretty scary!

Let me ask you something.. Let's say there is a war and your country is occupied by some evil forces, those forces commit a muss murder on civilians everyday. But there is one brave citizen who shot and killed the commander of those forces with his rifle. According to today's law that citizen would be put in jail for lifetime.

Of course it shouldn't be allowed during the peace-time, but war is different story.

- They say that Treaty of Lisbon is shortened version of rejected constitution. In fact, it is even longer and much more complicated.

It's almost the same as the Constitution, but almost means a big difference here.

After the constitution has been rejected, EU funded a poll to ask people why they voted NO. Poll showed, that beyond completely dumb arguments, like "because I don't like my government" or "because my president sent our troops to Iraq", there were real arguments against the Constitution, such as the one that showed that many people disagreed to have an official European anthem, or make the EU flag as important as the national one, and also few other arguments.

All of those were removed form constitution + they added Chapter of Fundamental Rights which already has been ratified by many countries and called it The Lisbon Treaty. Pretty fair in my opinion.
15 Jun 2009
News / Libertas - what chances does the new party have in Poland? In Europe? [23]

I neither defend or support Ganley. I just point out to you double standards, because you doesn't seems to be even interested about complete lack of transparency in bureaucratic EU. You demand transparency only from your political opponents.

I demand transparency from everyone and, which may surprise you, I oppose current government in Brussels.

But instead of you, I believe in creating, and I believe we are able to live in peaceful, democratic and transparent Europe and I believe we can bring that change. You want to destroy everything. That's the difference between you and me.

Name three for example. Such general statements bring nothing to discussion.

- after Lisbon Treaty abortion will be legal in Ireland
- Lisbon Treaty creates European Army
- Ireland will lose commissioner

All above from libertas.

If you wish I can name few lies of EU establishment about Lisbon Treaty. Hopefully you are interested, so?

Sure I am.
13 Jun 2009
News / Libertas - what chances does the new party have in Poland? In Europe? [23]

Transparency of source of his funds, they came from nowhere. He should also speak publicly about breaking Irish law by refusing to public sources of publish campaign. Unfortunately Irish law is too friendly for scum like him.

What kind of lies? Lies during Lisbon Treaty campaign for example. Also lies of Libertas' plans, different stories in different countries, depend on what people want to hear. Good that people kept their eyes open after all.
2 Mar 2009
History / Fall of Communism in Poland [33]

Like Jaruzelski.

He's doing pretty well I'd say. Still getting some awards in Russia..
2 Mar 2009
History / Fall of Communism in Poland [33]

I think you're right Eurola. I think I underrated the imagination of some groups of people.. ;)

A Jaruzelski tatoo on the arm.What can be better?

Jaruzelski is very controversial personality. You never know his intentions.

There are missed moments from his biography.
2 Mar 2009
History / Fall of Communism in Poland [33]

They really did blow with the breeze. A communist to me is synonymous with a disloyal weirdo without a cause other than control.

You're not far from the truth.

Stasi members are still proud.I doubt about the old communict members ho changed direction after 1989.

Some of communists are also still very proud. But many members of communist party became a members only because being a member was a requirement for many well paid jobs as everything belonged to the government.

Only members of the party could be in the management etc. Unfortunately for so many it was all about ideology.
2 Mar 2009
History / Fall of Communism in Poland [33]

I wonder if any of them sold their communist party membership ID on ebay...

I don't think anyone would buy it. Probably they are not worth too much tho.
2 Mar 2009
History / Fall of Communism in Poland [33]

They live among us scaring children at nights..

Seriously, they live their lives like every other citizen today.
2 Feb 2009
News / Poland..wake up to a multicultural world [1059]

has it ever occurred to you that Poland HAD NO COLONIES OR SLAVERY...that is why the ppl there are mostly white

Nope. It's because of fascist and later communist plan to exterminate all minorities living in Poland. That's why they killed one our greatest inheritance, the Jews and Jewish culture, that's why they moved the borders and resettle people by their nationality.

In our greatest time about 50% of people living in Poland were not Polish, there was huge immigration from Scotland, France, Russia and muslim countries.

Current Poland is, as Norman Davis mentioned once, very unnatural creation. It has nothing to do with slavery.
1 Feb 2009
News / Peculiar opinions about Poland [33]

What a utter bulshit. And than you are suprised that someone calls americans stupid. Where did you hear something like that? 99% of Poles after 8th grade go to the liceum, technicum or to the trade school (szkoła zawodowa).

And over 60% who passed high school go to Colleges or Universities, which is one of the highest rates in EU.
28 Jan 2009
Travel / An experience on the train in Warsaw [30]

Something like that happened to my friend, but he had no ticket. Controller said to him that he can pay 50pln and they will give him some kind of reserve virtual ticket and let him go (bullshit, nothing like that exists) or he will have to pay about 200 PLN ticket. He knew what's going on and chose to pay 200pln rather to fund assholes like that.
28 Jan 2009
Travel / An experience on the train in Warsaw [30]

I have to agree with szarlotka.

You could scare them back starting conversation with the police officers out there.. That would be really funny if they'd start running away! :D
28 Jan 2009
Life / Polish Police - my bad experience. [33]

i am obviously not polish (from my looks) and they realized it would be difficult to begin a conversation with me in Polish.. ..surprisingly they drove away...

lol.. That can be a nice trick.. ;)
28 Jan 2009
Travel / An experience on the train in Warsaw [30]

Did you get the name/ID number of the controller? If so, you should definitely file a complaint. According to the ZTM regulations, a passport is a valid form of identification:

Indeed. He can have now lots of troubles for being such an asshole.

Of course you can have any passport you want to have. And he even had no right to ask for your address.

Geezz.. how they get those jobs??
27 Jan 2009
Work / Where can I find potential English learners? [6]

I'd try local newspapers ads and ads in the internet, local and national advertisement websites. Maybe some ads in collages and universities area?
25 Jan 2009
Life / will he be 'caught' by the government for the army if we go to Poland? [7]

They don't do that anymore in Poland. EU is not a problem. I was on "wanted list" few years ago when I left Poland, and traveled most of EU states with no problem.

My recommendation is to give a call or send a letter to his nearest WKU office and ask about his obligations from the past.
25 Jan 2009
Life / Polish Police - my bad experience. [33]

Anyone else had any bad experiences with the police?

Nope. I met mostly friendly officers. Even when I was getting a ticket they were joking.