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14 May 2009
News / Poles and bogus marriage [6]

Well,it happens all over Europe and USA and Canada.It's hard to check ,when people come and go for residency purposes.Even in the UK,which is not apart of Schengen ,people manage to slip in and out undetected,so Poland is no exception.I gues nobody checks.The price is reasonable ...In the US it is around $20 000 average.But more people want to move there that to POland/EU
13 May 2009

Pity the Polish skinheads.They must hide in the basements ,when the Isralies come to Poland to march in the streets and when they leave,poor Polish hoodlums have to see psychiatrists,so they can deal with anxiety.
28 Oct 2008
USA, Canada / How can one migrate to Canada [43]

Of course,if you are a girl/guy with a fiance(e) spousal support is the easiest way to immigrate and now you do not even have to get married,all you need is to be in a partnership for a year(joint bank account,apartment lease,etc..).Unlike most countries your partner/spouse gets permanent residency right away!

And again any Polish girl/woman for my Canadian friend(see my post above)?
24 Oct 2008
USA, Canada / How can one migrate to Canada [43]

You can bring him in as your common law partner or husband.That should be easy.He can come as a visitor and apply while in Canada.In 4-8 months he will get a work permit,then in a year, or so permanent residency.

By the way,a friend of mine,A Canadian Is thinking of moving to Poland,or EU,if you know of a single Polish woman who might want to move to Canada(and if they click she gets a husband and if not than residency after all) private message me,I will pass the info on to him.He is around 43-45.
8 Oct 2008
Law / Got my Polish residency [22]

You can get residency on a simple engagement?Can you elaborate please?Is it like being "common Law"?My friend has a fiancee.
9 Jul 2008
USA, Canada / Will residency be lost after marriage breakdown? (Canadian married to Polish) [8]

Thread attached on merging:
residency and marriage

Still no clear answer.What happens,if a marriage to a Polish citizen breaks down before you are in Poland for two years,living on a temp residency card? Do you get kicked out (back to Canada)?Or do polish authorities let you stay til you get permanent residency and eventually citizenship?
4 Jun 2008
USA, Canada / Will residency be lost after marriage breakdown? (Canadian married to Polish) [8]

Can anyone tell...If a Canadian married to a Polish woman,but the marriage,unfortunately may not last,and is living in Poland.If the marriage breaks down after 1,1.5 years.Will he lose his residency?He likes Poland and would like to stay(and become permanent resident and citizen).How will Polish authorities treat him?Anybody has Had this kind of experience?