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14 Apr 2009
News / Poles and bogus marriage [6]

Last week "Rzeczpospolita" published an article on bogus marriages in Poland.It seems that a quarter off all marriages with non EU foreigners are bogus and are done to obtain EU status.The going price is about US $5000.

Is this just sensationalism,or is is it true?Don't these people have to live in Poland for 2 years with no divorce to keep their status?The paper claims some of them take off/divorce after a few months and still keep their residency permits.How could that be?
3 Jun 2008
USA, Canada / Citizenship for Lwow [3]

Does anybody know, if it's possible to get Polish citizenship,or residency for a Canadian born in Lwow?I have ancestors who lived in tne Polish/Lithuanian state,but no supporting documents of any kind.Iknow that Romania gives citizenship to people who live in Moldova or Ukraine(former Romanian territory before WW11)and so do Estonia and Hungary.Any advice?

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Lwow citizenship?

Is there any way for someone born and raised in Lwow and now living in Canada to get Polish citizenship/permanent residency?My family used to live in the Polish/Lithuanian state,but Ihave no supporting documents.I know,Romania and Estonia give passports to people residing on their pre WW11 teritories.can this be done in Poland?(with a good Lawyer)