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14 Dec 2009
Travel / Is there a bus from Oleśnica (small town) to a larger city? [2]

I am not talking about the Oleśnica near Wrocław. I am talking about a small town of the same name which is Oleśnica (Staszow, Swiętokrzyskie). I am wondering if there is a bus or some form of transportation from that small town to someplace larger (like a city that is served by a train).
15 May 2009
Life / Women in Poland dyeing hair red [30]

What's up with all the red hair on women in Poland? When I visited there, it seemed to be quite popular to dye hair red - everything from Bozo the clown orange to bright red to a purple red. It seemed like this was mostly with middle aged women. Is this some sort of fad?
13 Apr 2009
History / 1981 Ziemowit Coal Mine strike in Tychy - Lędziny [2]

Could anyone tell me what the story is on this? What was the reason for the strike? I can't seem to find much about this online. I am curious since I recently spoke with someone in the US who mentioned this strike but didn't say too much about it (her husband had been involved).
3 Apr 2009
Work / Learning Polish in Lublin [6]

I know that the Catholic University of Lublin has a summer program for teaching Polish to foreigners. Has anyone had experience with that program - is it good? I am interested in really learning the language, not just coming to party. I already spent 6 weeks in Krakow at the Jagiellonian University's program but my impression of that program was not good - the teachers were ok but the dorm living situation was intolerable. Too much noise made it impossible to study or even get enough sleep. Someone told me that Lublin was a better situation.
3 Apr 2009
Genealogy / Are my relatives really Polish or would they be considered Russian? [6]

If Poland did not exist as a country for many years and my grandparents were born in the Russian part of Poland during the time that Poland did not exist, wouldn't they be considered Russian with Polish heritage just as I am considered American with Polish heritage?
7 May 2008
Language / Pittsburgh Uni. 1st Yr Polish. HELP [5]

The drills are kind of tricky to use. First download the drill zip files to your computer. Then click on the launch lektorek at the top of the page. (or download the lektorek file to your computer if you don't want to use the drills online only). When lektorek is open, click file then select open drillbook. This will load the drills into lektorek and then you can start using them.

By the way, when the lektorek ask for name and e-mail, that's all it asks for. It doesn't ask for any other information from you.