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7 Jun 2008
History / Slavic mythology [44]

I do not like Slavic neo-paganism, as much as I do not like some catholic fanaticism. But definately like most neo-pagans in alot of countries, alot of them in Poland are nationalists aand Church-burners , cross breakers .

I dont like the idea and I do not like the word Slavic , I do not think in such ******** that slavs throught could unite to form one big , great slavic nation .

But yes, definately, between the Slavic Countries, there isnt much differences in architectyre, culture, street culture like for examplee ; drinkin alcohol . annd maybe not in all but in some the only thing i Like is hangin a Carpet on a wall ; that is a cool tradition thingey .

got to love it.

I really prefer the slavs that have a cross in their hangin in their hallway above the door.

I collect pictures of Holy mary.

so yes; slavic gods, that religion ad people associated are evil , devil worshippers and should be burnt alive !!!

7 Jun 2008
Life / What is there to do in Warsaw?? [37]

have a hobo day, go to somehwere like Pola mokotowskie, or actually any place where you can find some alcomaholics and shout them some cheapo wine and get drunk wid dem =] .

if u get board of that maybe invest in a late edition of Lonelyplanet-Warshaw
7 Jun 2008
Study / Spanish student in Olsztyn the next year has couple of questions [13]

You really do not need to go to the big cities to have fun. Olsztyn is regarded as a big city for that specific region, so you know for exaple all the kids who want to buy soe skate clothes or get a new deck for their skateboard will go there from the villages and lil towns around Olsztyn (that eans up to 50km or even farther).

there probably isnt a specific club that only has reggae music , but definately there is a club that has gigs every so often, who knows maybe twice or once a month. But you will definately find like minded people who are into reggae and who smoke, so that should be no problemos for you AS LONG AS you LOOk for them.

Apart from that there is a few things u need to know:
-it gets cold up there in the north-east, so in the end of the six months you will definately experiance snow and minus temperatures (for example 0 or -5 in the day and -10, even -20 at night) , so maybe get you're parents to buy you warm clothes like at least two winter jackets and alot of warm hoodies. you dont really need winter shoes, most people just wear normal shoes even when it gets COOold.

but yah, a pair of skateshoes for exaple which are thick are good enough. and just jeans... some people wear underpants ... sorta like cotton pants that you weAR under your jeans to keep you warm, but you can buy those once you get there. I am telling you to get your jackets there so you have more spending money for fun times in O-town..

-if you smoke, peopel in poland do not smoke joints much and bongs, the preferred way is to smoke the smoko straight thru a glass pipey which you can buy at every third RUCH-kiosk (they are these shops that are like lil hot dog stalls, except they dont sell food but newspapers, magazines, rizzla papers, Cigarettes and stuiff like that)

-the police are arseholes to you when you drink alcohol out in the street, because it is illegal to do this... so definately dont drink anywhere outside otherwise youll get a on the spot fine of 100zl. its probably safer to smoke da dope outside if you put it in a joint.. =] but becaurfull not to get ripped off, you shudnt pay any more than 30zl a gram for smoko. ad in polish its usually called; palenie,ziolo.,

-even though it is cold up there , if you ski or snowboard you will be dissapointed because there is no mountains at all in most of the country especially up there, only in the real south of Poland. so dont bother to bring your board with ya, better concentrate on meeting some cool people fro O-town and jusyt have fun locally.

-the food, there is alot of supermarkets anywhere even in tiny ****hole villages, where you can get practically anything so that is no problemos. Except for ready-made meals, they hardly exist, except for **** like 2 min. Noodles, or Soup in a Cup... and if you eat meat , most of it is pork that is sold. hardly any lamb , or pure beef sasuages , but theres chicken =], and If you like fish I suggest you go on a diet of eating Herring fillets straight from the barrel , its a national fish and you can find it in any grocery store anywhere in poland, and its cheap .

-public transport is real good, there is alot of buses and night time busses and they run frequently, also you can ride for free because you can enter through the front, middle and back doors and the driver is not in charge of checking/selling tickets. if you want to have a ticket yoiu need to buy one from a RUCH kiosk, and when u enter the bus they have validating machines to validate the ticket.

But if you live in the centre of town you can get around on foot most of places, and all the pubs/clubs/cinemas and some shopping malls are in the town-centre so you dont need the bus. but if you live in the suburbs then it will be easy because there is alot of buses...

hope you enjoy your stay there. And if you have any more questions then post them here.

please write more about yourself, what exactly will you be doing here, half year that means at some sorta uni , from sept to december? , you wont have to work here right?

again hope you find it a nice place and find alot of good friends easily in O-twn.