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27 Jul 2008
Language / Using colors to describe an object [14]

Also, when using the colors you have learned, Polish has a unique way of describing certain objects. For example, other than just saying that something is either black, or black and white, you can also use the following construction:

Czarno-biały (blackly white)

Pomarańczowo-niebieska (orangely blue)

Zielono-żółty (greenly yellow)

Biało-czerwona (whitely red)

For example:

Polska flaga jest biało-czerwona.

- Polish flag is white and red.

Ten telewizor jest czarno-biały.

- This TV set is black and white.

25 Jul 2008
Language / Using colors to describe an object [14]

try using colors to describe an object in the Polish language.

For example, this book is black and white, or blackish-white.
20 Jun 2008
Language / Adjective/Noun Order? [20]

try out the lessons for beginners at:
26 May 2008
Language / Does anyone knows about a quick course to learn the basics? [8]

being bilingual is a good start, but anybody can learn Polish as long as they take it one step at a time and are consistant. However, Polish cannot be learned in a week or month, it does take time. I don't think however that Polish has to be expensive to learn. stop by and other great websites to start learning.
19 May 2008
Language / What does "czy" mean? [37]

simply put, czy means "if" or some variation of "if". Like is or are.

Just remember that when a question begins with czy, it was allways recieve a yes or no (tak, nie) answer.
17 May 2008
Language / Learn from the start [3]

if you want to start without paying anything. Visit this website.

As far as paid services and programs, its about limitless
14 May 2008
Language / Numbers in the Polish Language [39]

here is one website that offers some lessons in the polish language From what i understand, Polish is not easy to learn. I just completed one year of Polish at a community college in Chicago. It really feels like my knowledge is just skin deep
15 Apr 2008
Language / How Many of you love the Polish Language? [79]

my wife is polish and i am about to finish my second semester. I have created a website but have so much more to add to it. Polish realy is a difficult langauge. But slowly but surely i am making headway!