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Speaks Polish?: Just Very Basic, But I am trying to learn
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23 Jan 2009
Food / How to make "KURCZAK ZUPA" [12]

Thanks all of you especially [ Cleo14 , Polonius3 , Wroclaw Boy ]
Polish people are really great...I am happy that my wife-to-be is from Poland :)
Thanks for the help. I wasn't expecting that. But its great.

Bless x
21 Jan 2009
Food / How to make "KURCZAK ZUPA" [12]

Hello Friends,

Please help me out.

My girlfriend is comming back from poland and I need to give her a surprise.

I want to cook chicken soup because I know she loves it.
But I dont know exactly how to make polish chicken soup.

I remember, when she was cooking zupa, she was boiling chicken pieces in water for long time with carrots, persley,black pepper and 'vegata'. ;)

But I don't know how it really works out. Could any kind lady or lad :P please tell me the original recipe of polish kurczak zupa. :( Please.............................!!! :'(

I will come back to check the recipe in the evening.


27 Nov 2008
Life / Freemasons in Poland [41]

how do polish ppl feel about Freemasons? and Y

if u want to know about freemasonery in UK or Globally..i can help..But I think we shouldnt talk about such sensitive topics on open forums..:) what do u say?

2 Mar 2008
Study / Does Poland offer Polish Lessons for Free? [16]

(I belive that if a country accepts someone as a legal immigrant, they should think of free native language courses for them, as a way of helping them adapt to society)

very well said
2 Mar 2008
Study / Does Poland offer Polish Lessons for Free? [16]

Does Anyone know if like in Sweeden ,Germany, UK, Does the Polish State offers Polish Language Lessons for Imigrants ? I am an Imigrant here so if anyone have info about this Lessons please let me know, something tells me that the State here does not offer that becouse I dont see many Imigrants why no imigrants ???? if there is why no Free Lessons like other places ??? No money or no organization I guess


u can find any nice DVD for learning polish language..i hav one and it really helped me to learn the basic language....