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29 Feb 2008
Travel / Wroclaw People, visiting tips needed! [11]

Merged: Greek student visiting Wroclaw in April

Hello everybody in this forum :)

I am a greek student and i am planning to visit Wroclaw in april.I have read some threads so as to get some information and i thought it wouldn't hurt to create a new one ;)

could you give me some tips regarding:

-Weather: What weather is gonna be like in april.Do i need warm clothes? (apparently yes but i think someone could confirm it)
-Things that i should or shouldn't do.(gestures or behavior that is considered impolite or offending)
-the language:i know most people know english , too , but i was wondering if i could learn by then the basics (just to be on the safe side)

any other information will be considered quite helpfull
i am really sorry i misspelled any word (i try my best not to)

Thanks in advance for your help!

Dimitri :)