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23 Feb 2008
Food / Eating out in Poland [43]

What do you think young English blokes come to Poland for? :) (I generalize, ok? I'm sorry)

I assume Andy is young and coming to Poland to have some fun. I trust that it's better to be warned than sorry. We do want people to have fun here. But we'd rather they weren't careless and thinking it's like in e.g. Scandinavian countries.. you might just have been having your lucky times staying in Warsaw, Jones, or you're just not asking for troubles.. or both. ;)
23 Feb 2008
Food / Eating out in Poland [43]

^^this is not the whole truth. A Spanish student got so badly beaten coming home from a disco one night.. err, morning, that he ended up in a hospital, getting his nose remodelled and an eye surgery. He got hit by a glass bottle.

I suggest staying in a group, not wondering around alone, and trying not to show off in front of the drunk Poles.. :)

Still, it won't beat 'hostel'. I wouldn't worry about that. ;)

As to eating habits in Poland. It changes. And as much as I appreciate Polish cuisine, I'm glad we're not doomed to only eat golonka and bigos any longer. I plan on living to an old age. :)