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6 Dec 2008
Real Estate / People who bought in Katowice Oak teraces phase I and phase II [102]

when reading a PS description on a property a few years back, it contained the following statement. ' why is this such a great deal? it is because the developer is doing us a favour' .... erm yeah ok

all they have to do now is find a bunch of investors who still believe in Santa and they are laughing
1 Sep 2008
Law / Coal Alternatives in Poland: The new electricity market [21]

if you produce your own electricity you MUST sell it to the local energy producer at half the going rate.
there are lots of good sites for windfarms but the problem is getting connection to the national grid
14 Jul 2008
Real Estate / Article: Poland becomes real estate leader [16]

the report from Kearney

Despite the business headlines, the real estate market is wide open for expansion-minded developers-not in the battered first-world economies but in select emerging countries. Shanghai's skyline, India's office parks and Dubai's designer islands all attest to burgeoning real estate markets.,1,1,120,11
27 Apr 2008
News / Follow the leaders invest in Poland [8]

I am a great fan of Poland. it is a great country and DTZ has tipped Poland as being a tiger economy with excelerated growth for the next ten years

I am very amused by the McKinsey report 'how about just saying that Poland is four times bigger than any other country in CEE consequently they have more doctors, vets, students, trapeze artists, watch repairers and just about anything else than any of their neighbours' in fact they will have four times more at least
7 Mar 2008
Life / Polish Train Travel - Scary? [101]

I used to take the night train to Prague a lot and the guards used to tell everybody to keep the windows closed as thieves in the Czech Republic would climb through your window on your couchette and rob you blind when the train stopped at the station.

The Warsaw Poznan route used to be a favourite for thieves also

I have had friends who have been robbed on Polish trains but I do not believe that they are any worse than UK trains. There used to be gangs of steamers around Ilford who would attack and rob everyone on the train and then get off at the next station. At least this does not happen in Poland.
25 Feb 2008
Real Estate / Price per sqm in Lodz [9]


Could you tell us which location, the size of the apartment, whether it is off plan or secondary market?

as a general rule of thumb, expect the prices in Lodz to grow to similar prices as in the Tri City area. Unlikely that they will get as high as Warsaw or Krakow