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13 Feb 2008
Life / Do Poles celebrate Valentines day? [29]

okay, so here is the lay down of polish calentines day. Poles celebrate valentines day, but it is a recent add to their celebrated days. It is more just celebrated by high school age students. The more popular celbration that is a lot like v day to poles is womens day. On this day women are all in the recieving and men are all in the giving. Women, girls, and even baby girls are given something. Your wife, your mother, your sister and your female co-workers all get something. This day is about 3 weeks after valentines day, March 8. It happens every year. Valentines day is more or less just another name day in poland. Name day is when the celebrations really occur, rather than on your birthday... ect... that is why poles always sign their cards, it also tells or informs people of when their name day is, so that they may be thanked back for the gift they have given... if i have missed something you need to know feel free to ask.