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14 Feb 2008
USA, Canada / Several shot at Northern Illinois University, USA [38]

Does Illinois have the death penlty? If yes, I hope he lived.

not that i know of. whats worse is that he wasn't even a student, just some random guy that walked into the building. at least thats what i've been reading. poor kids. i can understand someone wanting to off themselves but do it in a way that doesnt hurt innocent people. if you want publicity, run your car into a barrier or off some bridge. you get what you want and not hurt others that had nothing to do with it

6 dead and 16 wounded
14 Feb 2008
Life / Poles in Poland: How did you learn your English? [60]

i started learning when i was 5. fam moved from Poland to the US. I learned through TV and through private lessons at school. teachers were actually amazed at how quickly i was learning it
31 Jan 2008
News / Alchemy Polish vodka commercial - "Polaks innovations" [48]

i actually find them funny. i can so it can be demeaning but I know better. i showed the ad to my dad and he was cracking up as well. if it came out and said Polaks were stupid and completely incompetent then it'd be different.