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27 Jan 2008
Food / Polish National Dish [54]

MMMMM bigos is so yummy now you have got me thinking about making it :-)
25 Jan 2008
Love / Kocham CiÄ™ vs I love you - which sounds more sexy? [55]

I have heard these words so many times in both Polish and English but I have to say that I think it sounds more sexy said in English, but then on the other hand it looks so much better written in Polish....

I know its a strange topic but what do you all think ??
25 Jan 2008
UK, Ireland / Poles working in the UK should be getting more money from your employer! [62]

job agencies underpaid immigrants. Especially those that offer temp jobs. They deduct money for accomodation, transport etc...

So you think that agencies should offer the accomidation for free then ?? And why shouldnt they pay for the transport costs, every english person has to...