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20 Aug 2008
Life / Feast of the Assumption/Lady of the Herbs in Poland [6]

Wow, Thank you.

It has been a while since I've checked on. I didn't know the day was shared with the Miracle of the Vistula.

Does anybody have any more stories of how this day was celebrated between 1920 (Vistula) and 1939 then? Were feasts and dancing part of the celebration in towns and villages?

Any information welcome.

Thank you!
20 Mar 2008
Life / Feast of the Assumption/Lady of the Herbs in Poland [6]

Thank you Kowalski.

Does anybody have any sories of their own celebrations? Any community festivities, dances etc. after the Mass

I realise there is also the harvest celebrations on the 8th september, I am mainly referring to the Assumption day, though it seems some elements have been incorprorated into the 15th?

12 Mar 2008
Life / Feast of the Assumption/Lady of the Herbs in Poland [6]

Hello all, and thank you for your previous invaluable help.

I'm looking fo information on the celebration of The Assumption/Lady of the Herbs, Aug 15th, in Poland.
I'm mainly wondering about peoples memories/present traditions on how their particular town celebrated/celebrates. I am mainly looking at celebrations in the first part of last century 1900-1950, if there have been any changes, though I assume many still follow the same pattern

I was wondering if there was actually much 'revellery' (parties) after the Mass and blessing of the flowers, herbs etc. If there is, what food is served etc? Is there dancing?

And as much information as you have please! I want to be able to build a rich picture of this celebration.

Thank you all!
4 Feb 2008
History / WARSAW 1939. BETWEEN THE WARS [14]

Thank you all so much for the replies! This is great info.

Thankyou polishcanuck for the site link, I'm wading through it bit by bit with an online Polish translation thingamebob, but it is definately woth it - it's all fantastic, and my Polish is improving as a by product which can't be bad!

Thank you z_darius for the Belloto links - great visual help.

And Danka - Those books are exactly what I was hoping to find, Thank you awfully! I am on the hunt to track down copies right now. Any heads up and I'm all ears!

Please do continue suggestions as I need as rich and varied an impression of old Warsaw (between the world wars) as possible. Info in English is even more fantastic as I have no Polish, though I will try my best with rudimentary translation if needed!

Thanks again! Post away.
29 Jan 2008
History / WARSAW 1939. BETWEEN THE WARS [14]

Yes, thanks.

Understanding Sunday trading, I mainly was wondering how strict it was in Warsaw at the time, and what exceptions there were if any. ie. were newsagents allowed to open for an hour or so for sunday papers and cigarettes? Were non - christian traders exempt?

Back on the main subject, any more info on pre ww2 Warsaw? Greatly appreciated.

Thanks for the replies!
27 Jan 2008
History / WARSAW 1939. BETWEEN THE WARS [14]

Hello all,

Does anyone know of any good sites or books, or have any good information about pre war (ww2) Warsaw before its destruction?
There is a fantastic site: , yet unfortunately I don't speak Polish.

I am mainly interested in Maps (I have one rudimentary map), clearly identified Photographs of locations (mainly city centre, stare miasto etc.) Info on public buildings and landmark buildings etc. Neighbourhoods. City life. Shopping. Entertainment. Restaurants. Food etc.

Mainly about the actual geography and feel of the pre ww2 city. What would be ideal is a kind of 'Dorling Kindersley Travel Guide' style book of pre ww2 Warsaw, but I'm living in fantasy land here I think!

I know there is a plethora of Polish publications on the subject, yet I don't know of any translated or English publications?

Information on the rest of pre ww2 Poland also welcome.

Also, does anyone know if shop opening was restricted on Sundays during the 1930's? I would assume so, but were non christian traders exempt?

Help greatly appreciated. A demanding subject I know!