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Sat Okh, the Canadian Indian who fought in the Polish resistance. History India / Poland.

Bradley91505 1 | -  
2 Nov 2007 /  #1
I'm seeking information in English about Sat Okh, the Canadian Indian who fought in the Polish resistance.

A Russian friend of mine at work said he read Sat Okh's biography in Russian, many years ago. I have turned up a lot of information on Sat Okh but it is all in Polish and German, (of course) and I can't read any of it. I do know he wrote books about Indian culture and there is a museum dedicated to him in Poland.

Does anyone know if his story is available in English. If not, does anyone know where I might find a copy of the book in Russian for my friend?

I would appreciate any information. Thanks

Sat Oha Museum

Hi Everyone,
No One responded to my history post about Sat Okh, so I would like to try getting a translation of some of the text on the web site about Sat Okh


Museum powstalo w 2000 roku z inicjatywy grupy zapalencow, wywodzacych sie z Polskiego Ruchu Przyjacio Indian i jest jedna z nie placowek w Europie. W jego zbiorach anajduje sie spora liczba eksponatow przyblizajacych zycie codzienne, duchowe a takze sztuke pierwotn Anajdziecie tutaj przedmioty uzytkowe, barwne stroje, akcesoria wojenne i obrzedowe.

(There are some accent marks missing from this text.)

Eventually, I would like to find out more about this guy. Can anyone help?

metaxa357 - | 17  
7 Nov 2007 /  #2
why don't you look for information in English?
power2005 - | 1  
6 Jan 2008 /  #3
Sat Okh's biography in Russian:

www perev/

Sat Okh's book in Russian:

isthatu 3 | 1,164  
6 Jan 2008 /  #4
why don't you look for information in English?

er,dont follow this link if your interested in an acount of a wartime resistor,do follow the link if you want to read one paragraph in english about the Shawnee tribe in the 18thC....why do people post links with out checking them first? Its not big and its not clever :)
strumpetwindso - | 1  
29 Jan 2008 /  #5
I've been looking for his biography in German -"Die wege treffen sich" - The Paths Meet - wihtout much luck, since the East German publisher no longer exists. I do have a German copy of the Secret of Old Sagamora.

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Any historical moment between India and Poland i need intersecting and valuable moments?

I don't have time to translate now, but this article talks about thousands of Polish refugees who found safety in India during WWII.

It turns out that the cemetery in Kolhapurze is one of the largest Polish cemeteries in India. Hides the remains of women and children released from the Soviet labor camps under the Sikorski - Maisky 1941 . Departed for their husbands and fathers acceding to the Anders Army . Thousands of Polish orphans and single mothers were on the maintenance of the army , most wandered the turmoil of war -stricken Russia. With the help of the Polish consul in Bombay BanasiƄski Eugene and his wife Kira have been evacuated from the " hell of Stalin " .

In India, thousands of Poles found shelter in refugee camps - in Balachadi in the state of Gujarat , Bandra in suburban Mumbai, Karachi and Malirze (now in Pakistan ) . In Valivade in Kolhapur , creating the biggest Polish settlement . Lived here around five thousand women and children. Initially makeshift camp residents Valivade gradually changed in a small town : the barracks have replaced the picturesque bungalows surrounded by banana trees and flowers. He was a Polish barber , a shoemaker , a post office and even a small cinema . Worked three kindergartens, four primary and four secondary, hospitals . Some staff of the camp she met Polish , many Poles spoke fluently in the local language Marathi.

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