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Tomasz, Maryla Wicha or Wiecha - Finding Relatives who lived in Krakow in the 70's

LIVO01 1 | -  
15 Sep 2008 /  #1
Can anyone help me?
Am desperately trying to find long lost relatives who used to live in krakow in the late 70's.
Their names are Tomasz Wicha or Wiecha, and Maryla Wicha or Wiecha.
I guess Tomasz will be about 45 years old now.
Would be appreciated if anyone can tell me how i could try and find them.
rdywenur 1 | 157  
16 Sep 2008 /  #2
Check out Robert Strybel. He writes a column for Warsaw and also does this on the side. He recently sent me an email and is only asking for about 15 or 17 Euro's pretty cheap for this type of research.

strybel at
BarbaraKrakow - | 3  
20 Oct 2008 /  #3
Maybe you could register at nasza-klasa. It is a very popular community portal. It is kind of funny to make a research about names in Poland there... but I heard many people do:)
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,448  
20 Oct 2008 /  #4
The Information Access Dept (Wydział Udostępniania Informacji) of Poland's Interior Ministry has on file the names and addresses of all living Poles adn those who have died since 1990. These are available on request providing the sought-after party gives their consent (you know, all this data and privacy protection nonsense we've got nowadays!)

Their address is:
ul. Domaniewska 36/38
02-672 Warsaw
tel. (48 22) 601-1839. They probably purposely do not list an e-mail address so as not to be swamped with e-enquiries.

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