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Sochowicz Family - Poznan area

5 Mar 2006 /  #1
My G-grandfather was born in Poland - Poznan -and Poznan is the only location I have of where he is from. His naturalization papers only say Poznan.

How do I find relatives in Poland??? I've had no luck finding any white pages on the internet. Can anyone help??!!

Looking for SOCHOWICZ family - Wladislaw -came to the US in 1880 to Detroit.

Kathy Sochowicz-Poston
6 Mar 2006 /  #2
I suggest you to contact an English-Polish translator who might be able to locate the required information (in Polish) online and then translate you the relevant parts and/or contact the appropriate people or agencies on your behaf.
24 Jun 2006 /  #3
My name is Paul M. Melnykowski my family name on my mother side is Sochowicz. You may even be a relitive of mine. I don't know that side of my family to much but my grandfathers name was Donald J. Sochowicz and grandma Margret our family is from the Michigan area. My mom is Patricia E. Sochowicz and aunts Deborah J. and Lynn A. Sochowicz. I was just trying to look up so family back ground and fell upon your note above. melnykowski@yahoo
OP kmsochowicz  
25 Jun 2006 /  #4
Hi Paul-

I am famiiar with Donald J. Sochowicz only by seeing his name associated with real estate (I think) when I hve done Sochowicz searches on the web. Your Aunts names do not sound familiar to me. I do know there were two Sochowicz families and actually - three since my Sochowicz guy married twice with two families of children. Is your line from the Joseph Sochowicz family that married a MaryAnna? Joseph and my Sochowicz - Wladislaw- are both buried at the Sweetest Heart of Mary cemetery in Detroit.

I grew up in metro-Det. and my parents and brothers live there too. Please e-mail me - I would love to see how and if we are related. I have always suspected Jospeh and Wladislaw were related - at one time they lived together in Detroit. I can only assume they were brothers? Cousins? I would love to find info. on the old country too. On the limited research one can do online in Poland - looks like Sochowicz is not a common surname.

I have a Sochowicz website I have been working on., It is not in the internet search engines yet, let me know if you are interested in seeing what i have and i can send you the address.

Hope to hear from you soon. Regards- Kathy
15 Oct 2006 /  #5
I have a great Aunt Mary Anna Preczewski who married a Sohowicz. Would this Sohowicz be Joseph by any chance? If so, can I get more info on him from any one. Date of birth, children, etc.

16 Oct 2006 /  #6

I meant Sochowicz...not Sohowicz.

21 Oct 2006 /  #7
HI, my great grandfathers name was Joseph Sochowicz and married to Marianna Jankowska. Josephs fathers name was August. Joseph came to the US in 1880. Lived on Willis(street name was something else earlier) near Sweetest Heart of Mary(SHM). Was a brick mason and made bricks/worked on the new SHM church. Their children were Peter, Sophia, John, Stella, Sally, Pauline (my grandmother), Thomas, Francis & Lottie that I know of. Two or three children died earlier. Found them in the 1900 US census. Joseph born in Rysewko/Ryczewko near Poznan 18 Feb 1843/1844. Died Detroit 18 Feb 1846 & buried at Greenwood (SHM cemetary). Funeral home - Wujek. Marianna born ? buried at SHM. Joseph came over on Geneal Werder from Bremen. Tried looking them up when at the LDS cente in Utah but ran out of time. Any other info welcomed.
OP kmsochowicz  
26 Apr 2006 /  #8
Dec 13, 06 [18:38] - Attached on merging:
Sochowicz Family

Hello- looking for any help in tracing the Sochowicz family from Poznan area of Poland. Wladislaw Sochowicz b. 1864 came to the US in 1887. Married to Agnes Ptylik c. Szczepana and had 4 children.

Limited online research has shown very few Sochowicz names coming up on the internet searches. ANy help would be appreciated.
Thanks! kathy
4 Feb 2008 /  #9
How common is the Sochowicz name inPoland? I am curious of the name origins. My GG grandfather was from Poland but I find the name hard to find. What variations of the name Sochowicz are there???

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