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Skibniewski's Where are you now?

markskibniewski 3 | 200  
31 May 2009 /  #1
I am looking for the descendants of my great uncle. Unfortunately it was easy to look for distant relatives but now that it is under 100 years access to the archives doesn't help. He was married to Głębocka on 25 Nov 1924 in Zambrów (1st names have been ommitted for privacy) I am open to all suggestions. If somone is willing to help post and/or email me privately and i will give you more information. I am trying to reach out to living relatives in Poland if there are any left.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446  
2 Jun 2009 /  #2
You can try the Polish Red Cross tracing service, consult a genealogical firm or hire a private detective agency.
OP markskibniewski 3 | 200  
2 Jun 2009 /  #3
Well I am currently using a professional now who has accessed the archives for me. I want to post his findings but am not sure if that is against the rules here. The pro said it would be very difficult to move forward (easy to go back) because records under 100 years old have restricted access. They are held at the registry offices and only civil clerks have access. The problem is I have the names of my great uncle and his wife and the date which they got married but no dates for thier children nor names. I was told this is the paradox of Polish law. That I need the information I am searching for to access the information I seek.

I have also attempted to contact a dectective agency in Warsaw but no response yet.

Havn't tried the Red Cross. I will give that a shot .Thank you for the post :)
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384  
3 Jun 2009 /  #4
Unfortunately it was easy to look for distant relatives but now that it is under 100 years access to the archives doesn't help.

Have you done name checks at nasza klasa. pl ....facebook etc ?

There might be some WWII info available: military records, death camp records.

Have you checked old directories (business/phone directories)

Have you placed information on a Zambrów (or nearest town) website or asked for information ?

Have you left messages at or

check your PM's
OP markskibniewski 3 | 200  
4 Jun 2009 /  #5
Hello Moderator,

I am curious if I am allowed to list my family history hoping that someone may recognize someone and contact me?

I am a member of but it doesn't help cause i can't speak or read Polish.

I havn't tried the WWII death camps yet i will give those a try. Although my family was Roman Catholic, I don't think it really mattered back than who was who.

I havn't posted to the town website yet but I will try. I assumed it would be in Polish.
PolskaDoll 28 | 2,104  
4 Jun 2009 /  #6
Yes it's possible for you to list your family history here, providing that it's related to Poland of course. ;)

If you are using text from another website then you may provide a link to that website. Or you can manually type your family history onto here and I hope that someone can help you. :)
OP markskibniewski 3 | 200  
4 Jun 2009 /  #7
Hello my name is Mark. I am looking for living relatives in Poland. I have done some research on my family and need some help. I currently live in New Jersey Usa. Unfortunately do not speak Polish. Here is my current research results: anyone look familiar or have any imput on how I may look for living relatives ???

Andrzej Skibniewski (d.bef 1884) and Franciszka nee Cubrzynska (b.abt 1806, d.27 Jan/8 Feb 1884 (8) in Podbielko). Children:

1. Michal, b.abt 1850/1856, Wiktoria nee Podbielska

Michal Skibniewski (b.abt 1850/1856) and Wiktoria nee Podbielska (b.abt 1856/1860). Place of living: Podbielko. Children:

1. Franciszek, b.abt 1884, d.28 Mar/9 Apr 1886 (45)
2. Marianna, b.abt 1884, d.19 Sep/1 Oct 1889 (93)
3. Andrzej, b.30 Nov 1886 My grandfather
1st wife was rose died in 1931 /32 children
Theadore died at 6 yrs old

second wife Helen Zadrozny chilren

Michael my dad

4. Boleslaw, b.abt Jul 1889, d.17/29 Oct 1889 (102)
5. Aleksander, b.21 Jul/2 Aug 1890 (109), d.21 Dec 1890/2
Jan 1891 (2/1891)
6. Anatalia, b.18/30 Nov 1891 (166), Boleslaw Plonski on
28 Jan 1925 in Stary Lubotyn
7. Rozalia, b.14/26 Nov 1893 (186), d.26 Aug/7 Sep 1894 (103)
8. Bronislawa, b.22 Aug/3 Sep 1895 (118), d.26 Aug/7 Sep
9. Józef, b.10/22 Aug 1896 (114), Kazimiera nee
Glebocka on 25 Nov 1924 in Zambrów

Any help would greatly be appreciated.

Numbers 6 and 9 i believe are the most relevant being they were married and most probably had children.

I want to thank Wroclaw for his wonderful advice. I did check out nasza klasa. pl as he suggested. It was difficult as this is a Polish site and I don't speak Polish but after a lot of copy and pasting on a translator site I was able to figure it out. I was able to find my second cousin once removed on nasza klasa. pl. I can't thank you enough.

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