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Looking for sister, conneticut? Originally from Bielsko Biala

edward22 3 | 7  
13 Dec 2008 /  #1
i was told i have a sister i was adopted and she is in the 21-24 range of age if anyone fits that description please reply to this thanks! o and also i was told she had been living in conneticut or something thanks again
Seanus 15 | 19,706  
13 Dec 2008 /  #2
This is hilarious!! This has to go into the best postings.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384  
13 Dec 2008 /  #3

A bit more info, please.

How old were you when you were adopted ?

How old was your sister when adopted ?

Did you spend time in a children's home ?

Was it the same children's home as your sister ?

Where were you adopted: Poland or USA ?

When were you/your sister adopted ?

You need to give information to receive information.

Good luck with your search.
OP edward22 3 | 7  
13 Dec 2008 /  #4
if ur not going to have a serious awnswer then dont awnswer it !!!
Seanus 15 | 19,706  
13 Dec 2008 /  #5
I think he was being serious edward22
OP edward22 3 | 7  
13 Dec 2008 /  #6
o my bad on that il put some more details in this
me and her are from bielsko biala

i was adopted right before first birthday/ sister was adopted sometime early on

both of us were in an orphanage not sure where? either zywiec ,bielsko biala or warsaw.

adopted from poland brought to usa

like i said shes in the 21 or 24 range of age

i dont really have to much information on this
Seanus 15 | 19,706  
13 Dec 2008 /  #7
A name would be handy. In fact, it'd be a huge help
Gosiaa 2 | 89  
13 Dec 2008 /  #8
don't be offended but the chances that your sister is here on this forum are
extremely slim. Not all polish people who live in the world or US are signed up
to this forum .... Never the less if you give us facts and maybe just maybe
one of us knows of such person.

So what do you know about your biological family ?
What do you know about your sister ? birth day is a good start !
what hospital were you born in ? what is your biological surname?
Patrycja19 63 | 2,699  
14 Dec 2008 /  #9
This is hilarious!! This has to go into the best postings.

seanus, that was pretty rude, I am also working with someone, and have postings in other places for someone also searching for their brother and siblings,

she found the siblings ,but not the adopted brother..

imagine feeling this way.. I think you need to chill for a while and realize how important this really is. you would never know what type of feelings he has or is going thru.. I am so dissappointed that you would even suggest that.

theres other threads to pick on.

and cant a person hold some type of hope.. people have found each other on the intranet.. believe it or not.
Seanus 15 | 19,706  
14 Dec 2008 /  #10
I was joking, and not for the sake of joking. I sincerely thought it was a joke posting due to the lack of specific details. He was looking for sb between 21-24 and asking if anybody fit that bill. Now that I see that he wasn't, I offered to help in any way that I can.

Come on, I meant no harm or ill. It was just the way he worded it. I am probably the last person to be insensitive, trust me. Apology sincerely offered to edward!!
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384  
14 Dec 2008 /  #11
i was adopted right before first birthday/ sister was adopted sometime early on

This is important.

Who told you that your sister might have been in Conneticut ? And how did they know she was your sister ?

Have you checked to see if she is looking for you ?

Do you need help to locate addresses of orphanages in the areas you mentioned ?
Kojak333 3 | 12  
22 Mar 2009 /  #12

contact me.... Your story is very similar to mine.
search Wachtor 2 | 6  
11 Sep 2009 /  #13
I live in CT. Your situation is like ours. I just joined this forum in search of my mothers brother. We just found her sister by googling my biological mothers last name. To our suprise my mothers sister was looking for her. My mother didnt even know she had siblings. They were all given away to childrens homes in the 50's. You need more information. Start from scratch.. U need the name of the childrens home. They will have your information , then you will know you real last name. I live in CT so I would be of help. We are actually going to poland next week to meet the new family members.
OP edward22 3 | 7  
30 Nov 2009 /  #14
ur right i should get the childrens home name hopefully its still there its been about 19-20 years ago

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