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Can anyone recommend a researcher they have used in Australia??

poliwog 4 | 21  
7 Sep 2009 /  #1
I am needing a researcher to locate my Mothers family in Poland.
Can you recommend someone u may have used
Many thanks
markskibniewski 3 | 200  
8 Sep 2009 /  #2 is his email u can also check out his site at

His name is Emil Krasnodebski. I have used him to trace my grandfather and grandmothers family name back as far as he can. If you would like any questions answered either msg me privately or post and I will reply quickly. He is fairly reasonable but is very knowledgable.

Emil can translate not only Polish, but Russian, Latin and old Greek.

Do you have the town where your mothers family came from?
markskibniewski 3 | 200  
8 Sep 2009 /  #4
King Sobieski
$20.00 per hr documents found range from 6- 8 dollars per document. He will translate document in full if requested. He will discuss all numbers and give you all options ahead of time.
OP poliwog 4 | 21  
14 Sep 2009 /  #5
Thanks for the info will give him a go!!

Can't help because he cann't locate my mothers birth records :-((
what do i do now???
Can anyone recommend anyone else
markskibniewski 3 | 200  
3 Oct 2009 /  #6
That is a major problem. Emil is very good. He has contacts at many of the archives and visits them frequently. I am sorry it did not work out for you. I unfortunately was unable to find my grandfathers birth record as well as the archives are missing the records for the decade my grandfather was born. He was however to find a tremendous amount of information going back a couple of generations in my family so far. I am still waiting for the LDS records for 1800 - 1830. Did he say you didn't give him enough information or were the archives missing records. If they are there he usually comes up with something.
OP poliwog 4 | 21  
4 Oct 2009 /  #7
He just said that the mothers name and birth place and date may mo be right. He couldn't locate any reords for my mothers surname
markskibniewski 3 | 200  
6 Oct 2009 /  #8
Are you sure the information you have is accurate. What documents do you have currently with your mothers maiden name and or place of birth? Unfortunately sometimes even with accurate information birth records sometimes can not be found because they were destroyed, etc.

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