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Polish Professional Genealogists, experience with them?

escapee3 8 | 63  
4 Dec 2009 /  #1
Does anyone know of professional genealogists in the Przemysl area?

I found websites of such folk elsewhere in Poland, but it worried me that they all seem to suggest they charge by the hour yet can't say just how many hours that will be. Of course, I know searches can be awkward and it might be hard to be precise, but from my point of view it feels like I'd be writing a blank cheque with no real idea how expensive it will be.

Has anyone any experience of using such services?
markskibniewski 3 | 200  
4 Dec 2009 /  #2
The time spent varied with my genealogist. But for each branch of family it would take aprox 4-6 hours. Travel costs are also involved. After the initial search proved successful, he suggested ordering the LDS films as this will cut down on costs. It did because ordering documents can get expensive when ordering from the archives. He took digital photos from the LDS films ad did not charge me rather than ordering from the archive at $6 - $8 per document. It can be frustrating and I understand your apprehension. I too was taken back when I layed out the money, however, my results were priceless. One thing that was unique about Emil was he didn't ask for the money up front. He seems very honest and understands the economy is down. He may even work with you. is his page on the net.
OP escapee3 8 | 63  
5 Dec 2009 /  #3
Thanks for that... your 'was taken aback' comment still scares me a little.

The guy's website does mention an 'ulitmate price', which I assume means he sets a maximum it will cost (I imagine at which he stops searching). I like the idea of the free preliminary search to see if there are indeed records to be found.
markskibniewski 3 | 200  
5 Dec 2009 /  #4
He discusses prices with you before he does the work. When I started with him, I was worried that he was going to take me to the cleaners. He was supportive. So were the people who I contacted that had used him in the past. I used him for both my Grandmother and my Grandfathers family. I was more interested in information on my paternal side however. It turns out Zadrozny is a much more populr name than Skibniewski. (there were several famlies living in the area vs only 1 skibniewski family) I also got frustrated because I never got my grandfathers birth certificate. My grandfather was born in 1886. The records for 1870's and 1880's were not at the archives. Destroyed in the war or lost in fire. This was very distressing for me as the information he was finding seemed meaningless unless there was proof it was actually him. I have around 120 records brth/death/marriages that he translated for me. Records went back to 1806 for both familes. He found 4 generations of family on my grandmothers side and 3 on my grandfathers. It takes time to order films so there were large gaps between getting information which was a relief and curse at the same time. I was anxious to get the information but also it allowed me a break so I could make payments rather than pay a large sum at once. During one of these breaks I posted my rsults on Nasza Klasa. I attempted to use a translator program to post a message in Polish. Apparently the translators are not that accurate because the lone responder told me she was impressed with my attempt but felt my message was not getting across. She asked if I needed some help. She translated a post I wanted to write and I posted her translation and sent posts to members with same surname. Within 2 weeks I got a responce from my second cousin once removed. He told me I had 35 living cousins living in Poland and in the UK. I have had several conversations with the ones in the UK and found one of my cousins is getting married next year. Not sure if I can but I may try and attend. This discovery made all my worries and doubts disappear.
OP escapee3 8 | 63  
6 Dec 2009 /  #5
Thanks again, Mark.

I think I'll get Christsmas done and contact this guy in the New Year. He does soundlike a decent person. In the meantime I just found a lead I want to follow up myself (the more I can give to the geneaoligist the better).

Congratulations on finding your extended family. It sounds like a great result for you.


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