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Looking for Viekkich (Wielkie?) Oczy, town in Poland

6 Mar 2007 /  #1
My grandmother was born in Vielkich Oczy Poland in 1896 and I would like to visit this town or city. I am having trouble locating any information about it.

GrandeSande 2 | 119  
6 Mar 2007 /  #2
I Googled Viekkich Oczy, Poland, and came up with Wielkie Oczy

I then entered this name into Google Maps and found that Wielkie Oczy is located just West of the Ukraine border, East of Krakow, North of Przemysl and South of Lublin.

Perhaps this is the town you are looking for.
Coming from the "States", that's the best I can do!
6 Mar 2007 /  #3
Definately, the name should be "Wielkie Oczy" ("Big Eyes" in Polish). No word like "viekkich" in Polish.
8 Mar 2007 /  #4
My sincere thanks and appreciation. I had no luck with a google search. It also took me awhile to find my original message on the forum.


Pat (Toronto, Canada)

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