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Nyciacha (Nieciacha?) / Pieczonka / Chomiak / Jaworska from Wojtkowa area

13 Jan 2006 /  #1
I am looking for the Nyciacha family from the Wojtkowa area. Grzegorz moved to US after 1900 with wife Julia Pesto. (She was from Jureczkowa, Austria).

His father was Jozef and moved to US about the same time, but returned to Poland in 1908. Jozef's wife was Tekla Chomak.
Jozef's parents were Stephan Nyciacha and Daria Pieczonka, and I have nothing on them except names.
Tekla's parents were Teodor Chomiak and Helen/a? Jaworska. I only have names on them also.
Grzegorz was my husbands Grandfather, and located his family in Salamanca NY.
The family name was changed to Nickola in the 1950's.
I also have found spellings of the name as Nyatiaha/ Nieciecha.
Julia's parents were Peter Pesto and Mary Anne.
Thanks so much!
OP Guest  
15 Feb 2006 /  #2
I just red your page about you searchingfor family members Nyciacha.
I come from Wojtkowa, my name is Alicja Przybyla- Ashton, I live in Chicago
for the past 20 years...
I know that there is Krystina Nyciacha or Nieciacha in Wojtkowa, she is about
65, she has some mental disability. Her parents died and she lives alone
in wooden house ....Her neighbor helps her with food and propably other things.
But thats all I know....
If you want I could write letter to her neighbors and inquire more about the whole family tree.... Sincerely, Alicja

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