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Look for my Father: Vlodgimierg (Włodzimierz?) Stanisław Rosa from Krakow - he was a musician

drosa 1 | -   10 Feb 2008 /  #1
My Father

Hello everyone, My name is Daniel, its weird but i am trying to find my father or any of my relatives in Poland
my father's name is; Vlodgimierg Stanislaw Rosa. he was a musician, and he was born in Cracovia.
its been 20 years and i am so tired of looking around can anyone help me please.
[b]My Father , pleaaaaaaaase
Daniel Rosa

Foreigner4 12 | 1,778   10 Feb 2008 /  #2
i checked his name out on onet and there were multiple matches(minus the middle name), however, without knowing where he was from originally or what kind of work he might be involved in it's tough to find anything that would be helpful. make sure you check polish search engines.

i've had to do this kind of thing before (but not in poland), you really need to offer up more info if you want people to help out.

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