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looking for kulczycki

30 Mar 2009 /  #1
Hi, I'am looking for any information about my dads family from the katowice area ,before and during the war.Dad was wladyslaw kulczycki his dad was stanislaw mother irena brother pawl sister regina her son machin .Any help will be helpful.
krysia 23 | 3,058  
9 Apr 2009 /  #2
My cousin is Kulczycki. Lives in Warsaw.
OP perterkulczycki  
13 Apr 2009 /  #3
Hi Krysia,thanks for your reply you say your cousin is a Kulczycki living in Waraw do you think they will recogise any of my family name. I'v tryed the Centraine Archiwum Wojskowe but with no luck at this time. Best regards Peter.
Polonius3 994 | 12,380  
3 May 2009 /  #4
FYI a bloke named Kulczycki set up Europe's first coffee house in Vienna after getting hold of the coffeebeans left by the retreating Turks after King Sobieski's victory over the Moslem hordes.
Ozi Dan 26 | 569  
8 May 2009 /  #5
Hi Peter

I have this:

Jozef Kulczycki, 25yo. and a scout, shot with 8 others on 11.11.39 @ Zielonka. My respects if he was family.

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