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Dzialdowo (soldau) KL WWII-- looking for information.

poplacin 1 | 1  
27 Apr 2009 /  #1
Hello all,--I've been researching this particular WWII transit/concentration camp, and have found precious little good detail (in English). Photographs of this camp are also very rare apparently. (I found one in a Yizkor book about Plock) Was wondering if anyone can offer suggestions/ and or titles in English or Polish about the history and evolution of this particular camp.

I'm aware of the two bishops from Plock who lost their lives there (part of the 108 martyrs that JP II canonized) and that much of the Jewish community that was rounded up in Plock began their tragic journeys at that camp.

Thank you for any input, comments and suggestions,

constanze - | 1  
15 Jun 2009 /  #2

I am also interested in information on the Nazi-Camp in Soldau / Dzialdowo.
Where exactly did you find the photo of the camp? Yizkor Book Płock from 1967? Which page? I would be very pleased if you could send me the information.

Did you find the description, how the Jews of Płock were deported to Dzialdowo? If you want, I can send this to you.

What are your questions, so maybe I can help to find answers?

Best regards
OP poplacin 1 | 1  
24 Jun 2009 /  #3
Czesc Constanze

Yes, attached is the file of the page in the Plock Yizkor book. I have yet to find any other photos of the Soldau / Dzialdowo camp.

After a long search, I discovered in 2007 that my relative, a catholic priest was arrested by the nazis in 1939 and confined in Dzialdowo. He was moved to two other locations, then was returned to Dzialdowo camp where he was last seen alive.

I'm curious what is your interest and research in this particular camp?



ps..I was unable to attach/upload the file, as I could only get it down to 134kb and there is a 100KB limit on files. I can forward you the file to another location..

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