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Polish Army Arrests 1939-1941 Bialorus/Family Members Taken to Siberia

Hazelnut 2 | 1  
11 Aug 2008 /  #1
I am doing research on my grandparents. Their last address that I keep coming up with in Poland somewhere between 1939-1941 or so is Marcinkance p. Grodno. I found a record from Karta listing an arrest of my grandfather from 1939-1941 in Bialorus. I can't seem to find where he was taken to though. They and I'm assuming the Russians, but am not quite sure, came and then took my grandmother and her son to a work camp on the railroad in Siberia. Her mother (Helena Zaleska, whom they wouldn't allow to go along) stayed behind. I am also trying to find out what happened to her as well. My grandparents did eventually meet up somewhere around the latter part of 1942 and ended up in a dp camp in Africa, before being sent to anothe dp camp in England. I'm trying to piece together where everyone was in between.

Does anyone know how to research this? There seems to be only information on Jewish people, but nothing on all the Polish people. From some information that I have it looks like some of the polish armed forces became part of the british armed forces around 1942.

Any help would be greatly appreciate!
maksym 2 | 47  
28 Aug 2008 /  #2
Here's a good place to start

If you join the yahoo group discussion page listed on the first link, they'll point you in the right direction. Quite a few persons there have been able to trace their families fate.

Be sure to check additional pages on the second link, then you'll be able to view surname lists of persons deported to Russia
fadows0773 1 | 8  
16 Jan 2009 /  #3
I don't know how much this will help but if he was arrested in Grodno by the Russians it is possible that he followed a similar or the same path as my father.He could have been held at Lida or Grodno for processing and sentencing. Then by train to Vladivostok there was a collecting camp there. Then it would have been on to Kolyma possibly Magadan or Ola. I know there were may camps there.
danusiabertram - | 2  
4 Oct 2009 /  #4
I can add another person - my grandfather who was arrested in the area of Baronowicka. How is one able to find out their fate and where?

Danusia Bertram
Ironside 51 | 11,338  
4 Oct 2009 /  #5

Area baranowicka or in the area of Baranowicze.
danusiabertram - | 2  
5 Oct 2009 /  #6
Baronowicka on the Karta Indeks - spelling error maybe?
plk123 8 | 4,148  
5 Oct 2009 /  #7
if these folks were soldiers, almost all of them eventually ended up in Tehran received by the Brits. so, many should be on army lists. Gen. Anders was one to receive many of these men to be under his command.

Red Cross may have the list of the families that eventually joined up. they were the ones tracking most of these human movements.

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