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what type of food in poland,and maybe Krakow?

24 Sep 2007 /  #1
im gonna be going out to Polish town and i was what type of food i should try.. so im looking for names and descriptions.. and if youd like, ill take picture of polish town and what its like here out in Riverhead NY USA
24 Sep 2007 /  #2
what kind of stuff appeals to you?
OP SSpringer  
24 Sep 2007 /  #3
well im always looking to try new things, ive had regular keilbasa which im probably gonna pick some up today, but ive heard of things like krakowska, what is that? does it come in the U like reg. keilbasa? post up some names and / or pictures and ill see what i can find out there
24 Sep 2007 /  #4
krakowska is thicker then regular kielbasa and is straight. it kind of looks like ham on the inside.. it's delish for sure.
OP SSpringer  
24 Sep 2007 /  #5
cool gonna try that, any other food of Krakow or poland?
24 Sep 2007 /  #6
Check out the whole section on polish cuisine. You'll be spolit for choice.

PS make sure you're not hungry before reading further
OP SSpringer  
24 Sep 2007 /  #7
lol im hungry now and im going out there
24 Sep 2007 /  #8
not sure what maybe specifically related to Krakow but there is a huge variety in polish food, that's kind of why i asked what tickles you.

if you've never had crapes i'd recommend those.. same with potato pankaces.. tripe soup.. hunter stew.. kopytka are something a little different too.. and on and on.. :)
24 Sep 2007 /  #10
try parowki... there are many, many types of sausage etc.. have you ever had head cheese? may want to give it a shot.
OP SSpringer  
24 Sep 2007 /  #11
ill check it out ;) any more?
24 Sep 2007 /  #12
I'm boring - I love pierogi and bigos
24 Sep 2007 /  #13
ill check it out ;) any more?

there is tons more but then i'd be typing up the whole inventory. LOL

try different stuff and let us know what you think. if you like meat, you really can't go wrong. :)
OP SSpringer  
24 Sep 2007 /  #14
just got back from polish town, alot of places were closed, i went to the polish american agency to see if i could get citizenship in poland, and he didnt know so i gotta call the Poland Consulate, but i bought Krakowska and some chunky keilbasa ill post pictures of the town thats going down the drain, everythings getting closed, mostly spanish and black are in the town now (not being racist just describing the geography of the town) and i got 2 nice smiles from Polish girls ;) if i lived closer i would of got there number but i dont :(
24 Sep 2007 /  #15
cool, nice pics.. you'd be surprised how many "polish towns" there are here in the USA. i seem to run into them when least expected. same with polish people.. i even managed to run into a couple on Isle Royale NP, the least visited park in the country. lol
OP SSpringer  
24 Sep 2007 /  #16
that was the first church they went to when they came to riverhead, the place useto be real popular, now its just getting taken over i got questions on citizenship in poland think you can help me out?

oh yea and i picked up some cheese babka ;)
24 Sep 2007 /  #17
i got questions on citizenship in poland think you can help me out?

there are a couple of threads about this very subject. have you seen them?
OP SSpringer  
25 Sep 2007 /  #18
the ones ive seen really didnt answer the question, ive seen that they are passed down through blood. my great great grandparents were born in Krakow, they came to the states at the age of 15, and i dont believe they were naturalized or anything

is $1.20 US a good price for 1/4 lb of Krakowska ?

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