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Good Polish Wines

sledz 23 | 2,250  
10 Nov 2008 /  #61
yeah just start drinking spyirtus and get it over with:)
Switezianka - | 463  
10 Nov 2008 /  #62
I really miss cider from back home,

So buy a Polish jabol - it tastes very similiar and it's much cheaper.
aki 3 | 17  
10 Nov 2008 /  #63
As rising temperatures hurt vineyards in places like Spain, vintners more than 1,000 miles north in Poland are trying to turn the European Union's biggest vodka producer into a burgeoning wine country.
Prince 15 | 590  
11 Nov 2008 /  #64

Thank you :)
koziolek 2 | 31  
16 Nov 2008 /  #65
Homemade wine anyone? You don't have to use grapes. Elder, stinging nettles, birch sap...
wildrover 98 | 4,451  
16 Nov 2008 /  #66
Can someone start making this in their basements?

Well , i have a basement...and lots of apple yourself....
koziolek 2 | 31  
16 Nov 2008 /  #67
Plenty of birch trees in Poland, but I have been warned that making wine with birch sap can be bad for your brain. It has psychotropic properties. I'm not sure what that means, but it should sound like a warning of some sort.
kielbasa - | 7  
21 Nov 2008 /  #68
Do good Polish wines actually exist?
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384  
21 Nov 2008 /  #69
There was something in the news this week about Polish wine.
Seanus 15 | 19,706  
21 Nov 2008 /  #70
Good Polish wine, hehehe, as I said, the Poles may brand NZ, OZ, or SA wine as their own, LOL
OP shewolf 5 | 1,077  
21 Nov 2008 /  #71
good Polish wines actually exist?

they taste like cough medicine
Seanus 15 | 19,706  
21 Nov 2008 /  #72
Medicine? LOL, rumour has it that many have been sent running to the Apteka for remedial elixirs to cure their ills. Wine is but one step up from vinegar in Poland, but fear not, vinegar is held in high regard here.
Drink God  
3 Jul 2009 /  #73
Poland would have been a good country to grow wines as its climate is similar to Germany in places, to set up a vineyard would be around $110,000 for 5 hectares or 12 acres. It would not be too difficult to get started but the key things are the grape and the yeast.

You can make wine at home from things like bananas, cartons of mango & orange juice, mixed red fruits (berries from hedgerows) but do use a proper wine yeast to get 14 or 15% ABV. If you want to win friends start a ginger beer plant which needs passing 30% every week and grows like mad and if you have a wine yeast gets to a heady 12%ABV.

with regards to Polish fruit wines I would recomend or .com if you want some international wines have Palandri Shiraz from West Australia and Racke have [yellow tail]. If you want cider you will needs loads of apples or pears 300kg should be enough, pass them through a mangle, juice extractor or food processor, add a layer of cooking oil to the surface to stop it oxidising and discolouring while you get all the juice together, oil floats on the juice. Add a good yeast - champagne if possible, add yeast to sugar and warm water so you dont kill it, add to juice after 6 hours. juice will have settled also. Syphon off oil, Cover (allow Co2 to escape) and ferment for 21 days - rack off sediment, adjust taste with sugar or cartoned apple juice and drink!!!
mr cool  
3 Jul 2009 /  #74
For sure there is no Good wine in Poland,only the one from abroad.

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